Power plays

Three snapshots of leverage and egos:

  • Ryan Perrilloux still isn’t showing up for spring practice. And Les “I Make More Money Than Nick Saban” Miles can’t even bring himself to speak to the media about it, leaving it up to his players to comment. Now that’s leadership.
  • UK AD Mitch Barnhart held his breath long enough and got his way. He didn’t want to schedule the Louisville game for Labor Day because it wouldn’t give the ‘Cats enough time to prepare for Norfolk State. Never mind the fact that under the current arrangement between the two Kentucky schools, the home team controls the schedule date. Anyway, Barnhart has succeeded in moving the game back… one day. Nice. (ESPN has already moved to fill the Labor Day slot with a much better game – Tennessee vs. UCLA.)
  • And Clemmins’ AD, Terry Don Phillips, is whining about escalating coaches’ salaries, as he wonders “where it’s going to stop.” Take a look in the mirror, pal. Nobody made you play Tommy’s game when he flirted with the Arkansas job this past winter.

(h/t The Wizard of Odds)


UPDATE:  “The server said LSU coach Les Miles called the restaurant Saturday to apologize for Perrilloux.”  Say what?  I’m beginning to think Perrilloux has photos of Miles in a compromising position.


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7 responses to “Power plays

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  2. Sam

    If Miles isn’t careful, Perrilloux will have the same impact on LSU’s program that the Washington kid (“The Future”) had on Tennessee’s. Although the player becomes just the way we find out about the lack of discipline/character within a program, this guy is one huge fool and should be cut loose immediately. LSU and UGA currently seem to be the top SEC football programs based on the past 5+ years, but the Tigers may be getting wobbbly if the way RP is being handled is any indication. I had heard the other players were gettting tired of the special treatment Perrilloux was getting even before the two latest incidents. Miles had better step up to this issue immediately, and clean up the program. He risks losing all the momentum they have been building since 2000.

    I see Fulmer and Meyer as the two weakest SEC coaches in terms of character and discipline, but Miles is edging closer to making it a three man race. From what I can see, Richt and Croom are the most consistent in setting penalties for misbehavior, but Tubbs is close to making the “top” list too, and perhaps should be on it. I don’t know enough about Johnson or Brooks because I hear so little about problems at Vandy and KY. I would put SOS, Saban, and Nutt as “could go either way” since they have handled some problems, but have been inconsistent in how they adminsiter justice. Not knowing enough about those situations to say for sure, I will reserve judgement and not put them at the top, or bottom.

    One thing I am VERY proud of is having CMR as the representative of UGA. Other than a few pathetic remarks from envious rival fans, no one questions his method of handling young men at this critical time in their life. That doesn’t mean we never have anyone make a mistake, or never recruit a “bad egg”, but they don’t get coddled, and no one is big enough to escape punishment…..including dismissal.


  3. dean

    Maybe Miles is sleeping with Perrilloux’s mom. Like Donnan was with Quincey’s.


  4. Tenn_Dawg

    Wow. This Perrilloux situations gets more and more entertaining every day. Miles and LSU will sorely miss the leadership and stability of Matt Flynn this coming fall. I totally agree with Sam’s comments above.


  5. Ally

    Now the restaurant managerial staff is saying the incident never happened. Who knows.

    Regardless, this kid KNOWS he can get away with murder and still start. His mother said just that to Les before the first suspension. NO wonder he continues to act like a prima donna. One can only hope Les decides to grow a pair & kick this kid out -for his team’s sake & for Ryan’s.