Maybe he meant to say “Obama”.

The Ryan Perrilloux story just keeps getting better and better.

The last we heard, the manager of the Kona Grill said nothing happened. But now, the LSU paper has spoken with an employee or two who have a more interesting tale to tell.

Another employee at Kona Grill confirmed Wednesday that Ryan Perrilloux was involved in a verbal altercation at the restaurant, saying the junior quarterback called a server “Osama.”

Good group of folks came in with the QB, evidently.

… Perrilloux entered the restaurant with an unidentified former LSU football player and three employees from Crazy Horse Cabaret, the anonymous employee said.

In case you’re wondering what “employees from Crazy Horse Cabaret” might do for a living, here’s a clue.

Dude is living large, no doubt. But he’s not expected back at spring practice at this point.  And Les Miles would rather discuss women’s basketball.



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3 responses to “Maybe he meant to say “Obama”.

  1. Ally

    I don’t get why the restaurant is trying to sweep this under the rug? They’re asking employees not to comment & the manager denied it happened. What are they afraid of and why is everyone protecting this kid?


  2. dean

    Like my Grandpa always said “that kid needs a swift kick in the ass”. Or the swift kick might be better suited for Miles. Seriously enough is enough.


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