All is forgiven.

Fear not, ladies and gentlemen. Ryan Perrilloux is back in the good graces of Coach Miles and will be reinstated to the team, after the spring game.

The good news for Perrilloux is that he gets to meet George Bush.

This quote really tells you all you need to know at this point:

“We are not ready to rely upon anybody at the quarterback spot,” Miles said. “We have three guys there. There will be a competition. Perrilloux has to compete.”

No word on whether Perrilloux went out and celebrated upon learning the news…



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3 responses to “All is forgiven.

  1. Kit

    I’m sure he did. Probably at the Crazy Horse. Those working that night had this to say:

    Stripper 1: “Yeah, we love RP. Doesn’t tip with sh*t, but hey, he’s in college.”

    Stripper 2: “RP? Oh you mean ‘Teflon.’ Yeah, nothing sticks to that kid.”

    Manager 1: “Yeah he came in here, really tore up the place, demanded we cook breakfast for him, and then hauled you-know-what when we threatened to call the police.”

    Manager 2: “RP was here? Never seen him in here before and I definitely didn’t see him in here tonight. There was a white kid in here that kind of looked like him. Maybe they were related or something.”

    Owner: “LSU has a football team?”


  2. Maybe some of the “employees of the Crazy Horse” have asked Ryan if they could accompany him to D.C….