My two cents on G-Day

There’s plenty of stuff already out there on what people are hoping to see tomorrow at the glorified scrimmage.

David Ching led off with this post. Chip Towers added his thoughts here. (Did he really ask his commenters “You want to see everybody come out injury free?” Can’t wait to see if somebody wants to see bones projecting out of skin.) And there’s more posted at Georgia Sports Blog on the subject.

So let me add a couple of thoughts to the mix. First, it’s hard to get too hyped up for the game. The rules are truncated, the stats are meaningless and you don’t have the full contingent of players that will start the season available. And it’s usually silly to read very much into the results – as Ching reminds us, last year G-Day saw a pretty ineffective defense on the field, but those guys wound up looking OK.

I’ll be looking for athleticism and playmaking skills out of guys that haven’t had much of an opportunity to show us what they can do yet. A few examples:

  • Caleb King. Just because he’s the most obvious point of attention in the spring doesn’t mean it won’t be interesting to watch.
  • Kiante Tripp. An offensive tackle that never started an SEC game before? Hey, it worked last year.
  • A. J. Green’s slot. Massaquoi, Wilson and Harris won’t play. Henderson and Bailey graduated. Which leaves us with a cast of thousands. Is anybody ready to step up and take a place on the two deep, or are they just serving as markers until Green shows up?
  • Logan Gray. We know what Stafford has to do to step up to becoming an elite QB. We know what Joe Cox brings to the table. I want to measure Gray’s arm and foot speed against SEC-caliber competition.

Beer, fried chicken and football. Even a little rain can’t screw that combination up too badly. But if it helps, Chip, I hope that nobody gets struck by lightning tomorrow.



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2 responses to “My two cents on G-Day

  1. dean

    I’ll be making my annual spring pilgrimage to A-town. Even if it’s raining how bad can a trip to Athens in the fall be. The Varsity, the UGA bookstore, the ladies in their latest spring fashions. The spring game is icing on the cake. But back to the point. I’m also looking forward to watching Logan and Caleb but I’ve been hearing a lot about Richard Samuel so I’m curious to see what he’s about.
    Is Rennie playing? That kid is fun to watch.


  2. Kit

    I commented on PWD’s site and the same is true for over here; I’m really looking forward to seeing Tavarres King on the field. The WRs are really talking him up and even though I know he’ll be skinny, I think he’s got a chance to shine some.

    Other than that, I’d like to see the new look of our safeties and see how well they play together.