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Scene from a practice field

According to posters on The Hive, these barriers were put up last year at Tech.

Talk is cheap.



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Spurrier may be giving up some of his playcalling duties so he can have more time to devote to his comedy routine.

He jokes, in vintage fashion, that the biggest difference in the league now and when he was collecting SEC championship rings at Florida in the 1990s is that Georgia and LSU are all of a sudden national contenders.

“I told people that when I was at Florida, we beat both of them 11 out of 12. So times have changed,” Spurrier quipped.


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Last minute G-Day stuff

Injuries and weather are the two big stories this morning.

Tavarres King and Jeremy Lomax are out.  The game will feature eight minute quarters because of the walking wounded.

And if there’s lightning, no game at all.  Bummer.

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