Everybody had a good time.

Another G-Day game is in the books. For what it’s worth, Ching’s got the key stats here.

Again, you don’t want to read too much into a controlled scrimmage like this, and there’s a pretty general consensus around the Blogosphere about the performances of guys like Caleb King, Mike Moore and John Knox, so I don’t want to dwell on the obvious, but here’s a few observations I had while getting dripped on yesterday:

  • Richt sounded happy with the performance of his offensive linemen. I thought the first string line did OK, but the second string guys as a group look to have a ways to go. It seemed pretty apparent that there was simply more physical depth on the defensive line. Hopefully, summer workouts can narrow the gap.
  • My initial reaction to the new clock rules is that going from a 25 second clock to a 40 second clock won’t have much of an effect, but that starting the clock after an out of bounds play when the official makes the ball ready (as opposed to when the ball is snapped) will. There was a noticeable change of pace in the last two minutes of each half, when the game reverts to the old rule.
  • The one “welcome to D-1 football, kid” moment yesterday came when Richard Samuel tried to run over Asher Allen and was flat out stoned on a terrific open field tackle.
  • Logan Gray is fast. And I don’t mean fast in the Shockley-esque sense that he’s got enough quicks to take advantage of avoiding the rush or of the defensive scheme with the occasional QB draw play. I mean fast enough to make me understand why Bobo has been toying with some way to get this kid on the field to use as a weapon. I’m usually a little skeptical of special packages installed for a QB, but in Gray’s case I can see why the coaches are intrigued. As for his arm, he’s no Stafford on the deep ball (who is?), but he showed a fine touch on his TD pass to Moore.
  • You just can’t help but be impressed by the overall quality of depth with this team, especially with the front seven on defense. Look for Martinez to enjoy himself this season. Quite a bit.
  • I sat behind the Black team bench. The guy who looked like he was having the best time out there yesterday was Dannell Ellerbe, so I wasn’t surprised to see this note in the Macon Telegraph: “Georgia planned to limit the play of linebackers Dannell Ellerbe and Rennie Curran, but that didn’t happen partially because Ellerbe wouldn’t let it. Ellerbe kept going on the field without being told, he said.”


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2 responses to “Everybody had a good time.

  1. S.E. Dawg

    I was at the game and just don’t remember seeing Tavarres King. Don’t remember his number being called and thought he was supposed to play.


  2. He was a scratch due to a knee infection. He was on the Black team sideline on crutches.