“Of course we’re hopeful he’ll be able to do it…”

The good vibes from the G-Day game and Abry Jones’ commitment were tempered by the latest medical news concerning Larry Munson, who underwent surgery for a brain clot. Munson is reportedly doing fine in recovery, but I’m in the camp that believes that any time an 85 year old man undergoes surgery, things are going to be pretty dicey.

Needless to say, my best wishes go out to him. It’s my hope that he’s got at least one more good season in him. If anyone deserves to go out with a farewell tour deserving of royalty, it’s Larry Munson.


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2 responses to ““Of course we’re hopeful he’ll be able to do it…”

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  2. All I can say is “God bless Larry Munson.”

    I have nothing but respect for him (even if it was the Vols who caught the wrath of the “hobnailed boot”). Tennessee sent John Ward out with a championship — maybe Munson will get the same.