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SEC 2008 schedule

It’s in PDF here, courtesy of the Orlando Sentinel.

Opening week gets off with a bang as there are four games scheduled against BCS conference opponents:

  • Alabama vs. Clemson (in Atlanta)
  • Kentucky at Louisville
  • NC State at South Carolina
  • Tennessee at UCLA

Plus, Appalachian State at LSU will get some attention.


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Urban legend

Jeez, even when you don’t want to go out of the way to mock the guy, what can you do when you see a quote like this?

… Remember, we had to move a backup center to get energy from our defensive line. Never in the history of college football has that been done before…

Never in the history of college football? Wow, you’d think moving the Pouncey kid to the d-line was the spark that led Florida to a national title. No? At least an SEC title, then. No to that? Well, the Gators must have at least won the SEC East. No? Well, at least they must have kicked ass in their bowl game, right?

Energy is overrated, methinks.

History is bunk. (photo courtesy Orange and Blue Hue)


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If symptoms persist for more than four hours, see your doctor.

From the Orlando Sentinel’s college football blog comes a very nice post about Moreno’s Heisman chances… and a definition:

… I have a hunch some voters (not to mention any person not wearing blue and orange) will be afflicted by — how to we say this, er, nicely? — Tebow fatigue. It’s a condition that causes non-Gators to convulse and Linda Blair their breakfast onto their TV screen at mention of a certain quarterback’s name.

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I am Superman.

If there’s a more BS stat in college football than players’ 40 yard dash times, I’d sure like to know what it is.

At Southern Cal’s NFL Pro Day, RB Chauncey Washington was timed in 4.35 seconds on the 40 yard dash. As Adam Rose noted, if that time were accurate, “… Washington shouldn’t be entering the draft — he should be entering the Beijing Olympics.”

After all,

… According to research done three years ago by the San Diego Union Tribune, the fastest 40 time ever clocked on a track is 4.38 seconds — by somebody who was cheating:

[Ben Johnson] is believed to have run 40 yards faster than any human in history. Johnson is best known for injecting copious amounts of steroids and winning the 100 meters at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul in 9.79 seconds, only to have his gold medal and world record stripped after failing a post-race drug test.

Timing officials have since broken down that famed race into 10-meter increments, and Johnson was so preposterously fast that he went through 50 meters in 5.52 seconds and 60 meters in 6.37 — both under the current world records at those distances. He went through 40 yards that day in 4.38 seconds.

You wonder why people get sucked into this kind of nonsense. Well, maybe not, after you read this quote from Pete Carroll:

… When asked about what players can do to impress scouts, Pete Carroll said, “We hope they display that they can really compete.” But he added, “You can compete all you want. If your numbers aren’t right, it doesn’t matter!”

Carroll also pointed out that “there isn’t one thing, it’s a combination of things.” That was echoed by former Trojan assistant and current New Orleans Saints assistant Ed Orgeron.

(h/t The Wizard of Odds)


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If today isn’t a national holiday, it should be.

It’s the 75th anniversary of beer being made legal again in the United States, dammit!

To quote Franklin Delano Roosevelt:  “I think this would be a good time for a beer.”

And let’s not forget the immortal words of Rep. Alvin Holmes“It drink pretty good, don’t it?”

Hoist one today, friends.


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Others blog so I don’t have to.

I’m a lazy guy at heart, so there are few things in life I appreciate more than someone else doing the heavy lifting.

With that in mind, you should check out Kit’s work at live-blogging G-Day. Anyone who could sit through Belue’s commentary for the common good is a better man than I.

Meanwhile, Paul Westerdawg has done an admirable job of rounding up info on the spring practices of Georgia’s ’08 opponents.

One teeny cautionary note: I’ve heard a lot of Georgia fans’ comments about Tech’s abysmal practice on Saturday. I don’t think I’d read too much into that – after all, they’re trying to install a radically different offensive scheme and it was only the second scrimmage. Plus, folks who followed Navy will tell you that bad weather is always an enemy of the triple option. I have no more idea than anyone else as to whether Johnson’s offense will work on a week to week basis in the ACC, or whether he’ll have the talent to run his offense successfully. But I don’t doubt that he’ll wind up with a group of guys who can execute his scheme.


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If lovin’ college football is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

I have a college football blog, so by definition I have to be a little fixated on the subject.

But there’s fixated, and then there’s fixated.

Which brings me to this post at Coaches Hot Seat Blog, which sports the header of the month:

The Masters – Another step towards college football season

Gentlemen, you’re awesome.  I salute you.

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G-Day video

Here’s a video clip of the G-Day game:

Not much more to say than what I posted yesterday about the game, except that Logan Gray did one helluva job on that TD pass.  He managed to look the safety off, which gave him just enough space to thread the needle with his throw.  Impressive.


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