G-Day video

Here’s a video clip of the G-Day game:

Not much more to say than what I posted yesterday about the game, except that Logan Gray did one helluva job on that TD pass.  He managed to look the safety off, which gave him just enough space to thread the needle with his throw.  Impressive.


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2 responses to “G-Day video

  1. dean

    I don’t know if we’ll ever see Gray, Moreno and King in the same backfield but the thought of it is almost orgasm inducing. Well maybe not but it’s damn sure exciting. With respect to Kalvin Daniels, Gray impressed me the most. We’ve all heard about his speed but to witness it is completely different. The run he had (in the first qtr I believe) when he went untouched in what would have been a TD was ridiculous. He flat out left everybody. Then to see the zip he put on his pass when he needed to was also impressive. I know the old saying ” The back up QB is the most popular player on the team” but Gray looked like the real thing. I’m not turning my back on Stafford. He’s already proven what he can do. And only time will tell if Gray is actually the real thing or not. However I’m busting with excitement to find out.


  2. Tenn_Dawg

    Ditto to that Dean.