Urban legend

Jeez, even when you don’t want to go out of the way to mock the guy, what can you do when you see a quote like this?

… Remember, we had to move a backup center to get energy from our defensive line. Never in the history of college football has that been done before…

Never in the history of college football? Wow, you’d think moving the Pouncey kid to the d-line was the spark that led Florida to a national title. No? At least an SEC title, then. No to that? Well, the Gators must have at least won the SEC East. No? Well, at least they must have kicked ass in their bowl game, right?

Energy is overrated, methinks.

History is bunk. (photo courtesy Orange and Blue Hue)


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10 responses to “Urban legend

  1. Max Coventry

    We Moved a backup FB to DE and he became a THREE time All American. Been there, done that Urbs.


  2. When I came in to work today, I placed a box of Twinkies on the counter. Never in the history of our department’s break room has that been done before. We have never had Twinkies in there.


  3. UgaMatt

    This guy is hands down the biggest tool in the universe. Does ANYONE believe two words that come out of his mouth?


  4. Brad

    I want to see that kid play tackle at 238. That would be sweet.


  5. Dawg 05

    +1 Doug.


  6. AceG8tr

    Hmmm. Let’s see. I believe the “biggest tool” is still 2-1 against the Dawgs. And after this year it will be 3-1. 😉


  7. Dawg 05

    AceG8tr, your secondary is on fire, you should put it out before bringing the smack.


  8. peacedog

    Urban would certainly fit in on the campaign trail with Hillary. I wonder, would she have a place on Urban’s staff? Has that ever been done before?


  9. dean

    Leave it to a “tool” to bring the record into the conversation. But since you did 46 – 37, forty six to thirty freakin seven. Better luck next year.


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