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CFN’s Matt Zemek explores the question of who is the best active coach yet to win a national championship, and concludes that

… The top four coaches in college football, right now, are Pete Carroll, Jim Tressel, Bob Stoops, and Richt. The first three men have won a national title. The fourth man is the best coach who hasn’t yet held the hardware. This season might change things, but even if it doesn’t, Mark Richt is to be accorded a level of respect that few other active coaches can match. He might become the next Bill Self, but remember that Self was pretty good even before the Kansas Jayhawks cut down the nets a few days ago. Win or lose, Georgia is very fortunate to have its current head coach.

Far be it from me to argue with him, but, again, we should realize that it’s the nature of the media to keep building this narrative as the ’08 season approaches. How Richt, his coaches and players handle the attention and the pressure that will come with it will make for a compelling story in and of itself.


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6 responses to “More love

  1. Good point. One year ago, Richt didn’t make the CBS poll of the top 20 coaches. Bill Callahan did.
    Go figure.


  2. Will

    Indeed. I am certainly basking in the attention the Dawgs are receiving as a prominent storyline in this year’s narrative.

    I simultaneously find it a bit revolting that the opinions of so many people are so easily swayed by that narrative. We’ve known for quite a while that Richt was a crackerjack coach. It’s too bad it took the Celebration and the Black-out to convince everyone else.


  3. Frank


    How do I send you an email?



  4. HamDawg11

    It’s good to see Coach Richt start getting the credit he deserves nationally. IMO the pendelum has swung in UGA’s direction and we now are the team to beat, just as UF was the team to beat in the 90’s. Team’s are making mistakes against us that we used to make against them in close games(see UF ’07, GT ’06 & ’07, Bama ’07). And more often we’re putting teams away instead of letting them hang around. This was most evident during the 2nd half of the ’07 season. Not sure if this is a product of Richt letting his players show more emotion or not, but it seems to be working. I think if we can maintain the type of intensity that we did after the UT game last year, we’ll be tough to beat. We now have the talent to go along with that intensity. The 3 areas that concern me most are: OL, TB depth, and PK. These pups need to grow up quickly!



  5. Prd UGA Mom

    Face it – – – Coach Richt is just an awesome coach and UGA is so lucky to have him.