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“Georgia is a powerhouse right now…”

David Paschall has an article today that speculates on how often Georgia will appear on CBS’ 2008 broadcast schedule.

Short answer: it could be quite a lot, according to Mike Aresco, the network’s senior vice president of programming.

… Aresco said CBS likely will open its coverage schedule Sept. 13 with Georgia’s trip to South Carolina. The Bulldogs also could be on the network against Tennessee, LSU (Oct. 25), Florida (Nov. 1), Auburn (Nov. 15) and Georgia Tech (Nov. 29).

The Tennessee-Georgia game will be part of a 3:30 and 8 p.m. doubleheader with LSU-Florida, but it has not been determined which game gets which time slot. CBS has a noon and 3:30 doubleheader on Nov. 29 that likely will be the Alabama-Auburn and Georgia-Georgia Tech games.

Interestingly, ESPN has grabbed Alabama-Georgia as one of its priority picks, which I assume will make that a night game. I wonder if Mike Patrick will be inspired to let fly with another Britney reference.



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Sometimes, you really have to wonder goes through a coach’s brain.  Last year, Karl Dorrell’s UCLA squad finished 99th nationally in total offense.  With all the players had to think about, it’s a wonder they did that well.

One thing that will be much different this season is the size of UCLA’s playbook. Under Dorrell, Olson estimated that there were “thousands” of plays, but Chow said that his playbook will be much slimmer by design.

Dorrell had a couple hundred plays just for the two-minute offense, while Chow said that he has just 12. By having fewer plays, he said, it allows the players to think faster and thus perform better. [Emphasis added.]

200 plays for the two minute offense alone?  When did these kids have time for academics?


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You know you’re gonna want one.

And it’s for a good cause, to boot.

(photo courtesy Chip Towers/AJ-C)

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Proof that too much urnge…

will make your head hurt.

Although I have to admit that the Florida fan with the “Caveman” poster pretty much called the day.

(h/t Losers with Socks)


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More 40 yard dash nonsense

At the University of Florida, they’re so fast, they’re pulling 37 year old accountants out of the stands that can run 4.53 40s.

(h/t The Wizard of Odds)


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SEC bits and snippets

From the Lexington Herald-Leader

Tony Franklin thought the call to the big time would never come again.

It came late in 2007.

During his days as a Hal Mumme-era offensive coordinator at Kentucky, Franklin got caught up in the bitter staff feuding that helped doom Mumme’s coaching tenure at UK in 2000.

In response to the infighting, Franklin penned a book containing his view of what had really gone on during the turbulent Mumme era. Given the speak-no-evil code that guides the big-time college football coaching fraternity, it made the one-time Kentucky high school coach a professional pariah.

Three thoughts on this: (1) I wonder how a tell-all book on the Auburn coaching staff would sell. Maybe Franklin could get Finebaum to ghost write it. (2) However much Tuberville vows that Auburn will remain a physical, tough team while running the spread, those aren’t attributes that anyone would associate with Kentucky football when Franklin was there with Mumme. (3) Speaking of whom, does anybody think it would be a good look for Tuberville to show up on the sideline sporting the Mumme towel around the neck fashion accessory?

Moving on, I thought this was the lede of the day…

Williams-Brice Stadium looks like an upside down cockroach.

… until I saw this.

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier stood alongside the 17th fairway at Augusta National chatting with the parents of suspended quarterback Stephen Garcia during Thursday’s first round of the Masters.

If that doesn’t go down as the quintessential moment of the Spurrier era in Columbia, I don’t know what else would.

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