Sometimes, you really have to wonder goes through a coach’s brain.  Last year, Karl Dorrell’s UCLA squad finished 99th nationally in total offense.  With all the players had to think about, it’s a wonder they did that well.

One thing that will be much different this season is the size of UCLA’s playbook. Under Dorrell, Olson estimated that there were “thousands” of plays, but Chow said that his playbook will be much slimmer by design.

Dorrell had a couple hundred plays just for the two-minute offense, while Chow said that he has just 12. By having fewer plays, he said, it allows the players to think faster and thus perform better. [Emphasis added.]

200 plays for the two minute offense alone?  When did these kids have time for academics?


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2 responses to “K-I-S-S.

  1. UgaMatt

    I’ve read this before about Chow’s offense. As complicated as it seems when you watch them roll up points, he really only has a couple dozen route combinations and running plays, and then they can deviate off of that. It’s kind of the prime example of “the defense is going to be confusing enough, let’s not confuse ourselves.”


  2. JT

    It’s all about execution, not plays.