Proof that too much urnge…

will make your head hurt.

Although I have to admit that the Florida fan with the “Caveman” poster pretty much called the day.

(h/t Losers with Socks)


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6 responses to “Proof that too much urnge…

  1. dean

    UT played like cavemen that day.
    I have to go vomit now. Too much blue and orange makes me violently ill. I HATE ORANGE!!!!


  2. AceG8tr

    Dean, I can sympathize. If another team had beaten mine 14 out of the last 17, I’d have to go vomit too!


  3. mant

    Typical Gaytor response. I hate to tell you that you guys actually had a football team prior to 1991. Selective memory and all that. Please learn to vote since this is an election year.


  4. Ace, that’s a shot right out of the Zooker’s playbook. 😉


  5. dean

    I really hate beating a dead horse but here goes; the gators have won 14 of the last 17 and yet still trail in the all time series 46 to 37. What does that tell you about series domination?
    Besides it’s not the gators recent winning streak that makes me ill. It’s the god forsaken blue and orange jerseys that makes my stomach churn.


  6. AceG8tr



    Nice comeback.