Tebow hype jumps the shark.

1:51 PM EST: ESPN’s Chris Fowler informs a national television audience that Tim Tebow spent Spring Break performing surgery on unsuspecting, but no doubt grateful, Filipinos.

And I thought he could heal the sick merely by laying hands on them.

Seriously, you can’t make shit like that up.


UPDATE: It’s not easy being T.


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5 responses to “Tebow hype jumps the shark.

  1. NorfolkDawg

    Those offensive linemen must be really good…according to the announcers they were playing on both teams (just switching jerseys) today.


  2. Tripper

    Thanks chuck…gettin over some flu, laughing that hard really hurt.


  3. Chuck

    Anytime, Tripper.


  4. dean

    Good link Chuck. Funny stuff. That would’ve been a great drinking game to play back in my younger days. Drink every time the announcers say Tim Tebow. Man I wouldn’t made it through the 1st quarter.