In other news, South Carolina has decided it wants to be more like Mississippi State.

The USC athletics department is trying to show its true colors.

The Gamecocks will use a slightly darker shade of garnet in an effort to be more consistent in color usage. On the Primary Matching System color chart, which has 814 colors, USC is going from color 201 to 202.

The move was initiated by the university’s licensing office after consulting with an outside licensing company. The move is an effort to get “a truer garnet color,” said USC’s Chip Harvey, director of creative services for university publications.

“It’s one of those things where, if you look in the stands, you’d see shades from red to garnet. What we’re trying to do is get things a little more consistent,” Harvey said.

Mississippi State uses color 202…

Color me cynical (pun intended), but does this seem like little more than a cheap ploy to make fans buy new merchandise? How else does USC “get things a little more consistent”?


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  1. dean

    Huh, one would think they have more important issues to concern themselves with.
    So the fans all wearing the same shade of garnet makes what more consistent? The appearance of the crowd when the camera’s are on them. What about the students who paint their chest? I guess they’ll have to get some 202 garnet as well. Fans who do buy new apparel had better wash it in cold water and line dry it. Don’t want it fading back to a 201 garnet.


  2. Ally

    That’s why they’re gonna win the east this year…they’ve changed their colors to a more bad-ass shade of red? LOL!

    Sounds more like an episode of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy.

    I feel sorry for the Miss State fans – being associated or mistaken for the lamecocks is not something any SEC team desires. Winning is hard enough in the conference – no one wants a dose of their loser mojo.


  3. Hill Dawg

    Guys, it is all about the money. You gotta buy the official colored hat and shirt. Don’t wear that old out of date stuff. Gimme more money!……..Sounds a little like UGA doesn’t it? Or a wife. Either way you gotta pay!