Your morning Tebow

A couple of interesting stats about the SEC quarterback of the decade, courtesy of TSN’s Matt Hayes:

… the reality is he and his team struggled in big games. Losses to Auburn, LSU, Georgia and Michigan all occurred after Tebow’s impact on the game diminished in the second half once teams figured out how to attack the Florida offense.

And the late-game struggles weren’t limited to the losses. Consider these numbers: Tebow’s passer rating in the first quarter last fall was 219.72 — an ungodly number that’s 30-plus points higher than the overall NCAA record. In the fourth quarter, his rating was 126.24 — a below-average mark on the scale. In the first quarter last fall, he completed 80 percent of his passes; in the fourth, 53.1 percent.

By the way, Hayes is wrong about the Auburn game. Tebow engineered two fourth quarter drives to pull his team back into a 17-17 tie with a little more than seven minutes to go in the game. But the stats are of interest, nonetheless.

Hayes believes this is on the radar screen for the Gator coaching staff.

… Some of that can be attributed to Florida’s pathetic running game, and the fact there was little doubt where the offense was going in the fourth quarter. Frankly, what else can you pick at when you’re talking about a guy who had one of the best statistical seasons in NCAA history?

But I can tell you this: The Florida staff is well aware of the fourth-quarter drop-off — and specifically how pressure affected Tebow’s performance. The drop-off could be attributed to protection, but the best way to slow blitz packages is with personnel who win individual matchups in space on quick routes.

Florida had one player (WR Percy Harvin) last year who could do that. Redshirt freshman TB Chris Rainey, who has had a huge spring, could be another.

Basically, 2008 sounds like it could be more of the same for Florida’s offense. Except the Gators will count on another undersized, really fast dude to get the ball to.


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8 responses to “Your morning Tebow

  1. All this, coupled with Florida’s almost complete inability to get a big-down stop in the clutch.


  2. dean

    But they’re still going to win the east. Isn’t that right Kirk (you piece of crap).


  3. AceG8tr


    Uh, no. Actually our offense will be better than last year. More weapons, better RBs. Same QB. He had a bad game against you last year (something about a bad shoulder, if I remember correctly). Won’t happen again.

    And our defense will be *much* better. Last year, a bunch of kids. This year–well, we’ll just see.

    Can’t wait for September.



  4. Ace, it’s always our teams that get better from one season to the next, never our opponents’. 😉

    I don’t read much into spring games, but there’s no denying that Rainey’s an impressive physical talent. But he’s not big enough to be an every down back. I still don’t have the impression that Meyer thinks he’s got a running back that he can count on in the power game – unless you include Tebow, of course.

    As for the Gator defense, everything I read and hear indicates that you guys are counting on two true freshman (Hunter and Hill) to show up in the fall and instantly become starters. How often does that happen in the SEC?


  5. AceG8tr

    Senator, from what I have heard we’ll be fine without any new freshman on defense. I agree that counting on Hunter and Hill to significantly contribute in 08 is unrealistic. But we won’t need ’em. We’ve got plenty of talent on the d-side of the ball, and now most of them aren’t playing their first D1 ball.

    We’ll have enough offensive firepower to score with the best of them. But defense wins championships. We’ll be better on D–but will we be good enough? I’m betting we will be, but I’m an optimist!



  6. AceG8tr

    BTW, don’t disagree that Rainey isn’t an every-down back. But he won’t need to be. It will be running back by committee again. But we’ll still be better than last year. Better O-line, too.



  7. We’ll have enough offensive firepower to score with the best of them. But defense wins championships. We’ll be better on D–but will we be good enough? I’m betting we will be, but I’m an optimist!

    Ace, honestly, I think that’s your season in a nutshell.

    I just hope both teams are undefeated going into J’ville. I’d really love for the WLOCP to be a monster game.


  8. Richt-Flair

    Tebow — bad shoulder against UGA, six sacks. So he miraculously recovered for the Vandy game? Did he perform surgery on himself?