I just wrote to say I love you.

SI.com’s Andy Staples has a great piece up on college football recruiting letters. It seems a California high school quarterback named Tate Forcier has posted copies of all of the offer letters he’s received from D-1 schools – and it’s an impressive group – on his web site. They make for some interesting reading.

[One amusing note: you’d think LSU could spring for updated stationary. The sidebar on Miles’ letter doesn’t reference LSU’s recent SEC or national championships.]

The most intriguing part of Staples’ article concerns the disclaimers contained in the letters regarding the offer. Most coaches want to hedge their bets in case the class fills out, or a better prospect turns up, for example. (Staples points out that Forcier has only received one letter without a disclaimer.) So they put in back doors that let them out of the offer. But it’s a tricky business; as Staples notes, schools have been sued for failing to honor written offers. Here’s a taste of how one coach addresses the issue:

… Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez, who has had some recent experience with attorneys, must have had a real legal eagle help him with his letter, which contains the slickest — and one of the most accurate — disclaimers of the 21. “This letter remains viable until such time as NCAA Rule 15.5.5 regarding squad limits (85 total) would appear to be compromised,” Rodriguez wrote. “Therefore, as a necessary consequence, grants may only be awarded on availability.”

I notice Forcier is waiting on an offer from Tennessee. I’ll have to check back on that one when he posts it to see if there are any Krispy Kreme references.


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4 responses to “I just wrote to say I love you.

  1. Kit

    I find the Clemson offer impressive. And I quote:

    “I am excited about writing you with an offer of a full athletic scholarship to Clemson University…You must successfully complete your senior year, meet NCAA initial eligibility requirements, and be cleared by the University’s Admissions Office.”

    It doesn’t say anywhere on there that it’s only good for how long they need you. Must be one of those “need to know” details…


  2. NCT

    I glanced through a few of the letters. Is it some kind of rule that college football coaches are required to split infinitives?


  3. Senator, aren’t you a lawyer??


  4. Yes, but don’t hold it against me. 😉