Calculator? Nick Saban doesn’t need a stinkin’ calculator.

Check out this witty repartee between Saban and Birmingham News sportswriter Ian Rapoport:

Me: (The real questions) “How are you going to handle the numbers and when do you start to worry about it?”

Saban: (Getting a little loud… What, Saban worry?) “I’m not worried about them. It’ll all work out. I mean, the whole thing has a solution to every issue. You don’t put yourself in a position where you don’t know what’s coming, then have to take it in the chops.” (“Chops” is such a dad word. Not that there is anything wrong with that) “Aiight? We know how it has to be managed, and it will be managed.”


Saban: “And you don’t need to call me and ask me to write a column for you, and I won’t call you and ask you how to manage our numbers. How’s that?”

Me: (Deal! But when when did I suggest how to manage the numbers? If he did ask… I digress.) “I don’t even have a calculator.” (Can’t do math without one of those.)

Saban: (The smile returns.) “You don’t need one to do this.”

Me: (Throwing the hands up in the air.) “So you’re not going to tell us?”

Saban: “I’m not going to tell you what?” (That exit is looking mighty welcoming now.) “It’s none of your business. Aiight? And don’t give me this stuff about the fans need to know, because they don’t need to know.”

Nice. The thing is, Saban’s probably right. ‘Bama fans don’t really care how he gets to 85 (check out some of the comments after the post).

More on Saban’s warm and fuzzy side here at The Wiz.


UPDATE: EDSBS’ Mr. Swindle helps with the math.


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2 responses to “Calculator? Nick Saban doesn’t need a stinkin’ calculator.

  1. Ally

    He’s right, the fans don’t have a right to know. But the kids he’s gonna soon cut sure as hell do! And, for that matter, so do any potential recruits. These kids are forced to keep their commitments (see James Wilson gator saga) and so should Saban, Tammy Bowden, Urban Liar, etc.


  2. scdawg

    The Bama fan comments on Rapoport’s blog are so much better than the story itself. That’s just a whole lot of crazy.