He really could count to four, you know.

Paul Johnson waxes philosophical on us:

… If everybody is telling you that Reggie Ball is the reason you’re losing, everybody wants to believe that, you know, ‘It can’t be me; it’s got to be him.’

Coach,  I hate to tell you this, but in Dog’s case, perception is reality.



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2 responses to “He really could count to four, you know.

  1. dean

    Can he not answer a simple question with a simple answer? Jeez. He has to give his dissertation on team unity and perception. I appreciate a straight answer versus the “coach speak” but he’s just rambling.
    I can’t wait to hear his analysis of how/why he lost to UGA. It will probably be Nobel Prize worthy.


  2. JT

    He’s the perfect NATS coach. Can’t answer simple questions, just rambles on…