Paul Johnson is amused… for now.

Paul Johnson asks what sounds like a fair question about his version of the triple option:

“We played 30 some BCS schools when we were at Navy,” Johnson said. “If it worked at Navy, why wouldn’t it work here?”

So how well did it work at Navy? Here’s Navy’s record against BCS conference opponents over the last five seasons:

  • 2007: 3-2, 37.6 ppg
  • 2006: 3-3, 22.2 ppg
  • 2005: 1-4, 25.6 ppg
  • 2004: 3-1, 29.8 ppg
  • 2003: 1-3, 25.5 ppg

Overall, that translates into an 11-13 record, and a 28 ppg average. Both of which are certainly credible marks, considering the type of athlete Navy put on the field during that time.

During that time, Johnson’s teams went 4-3 against the ACC, but that’s a little misleading, as all four wins came against Duke.

He’s certainly going to be able to deploy better players at Tech than he did at Navy (particularly on defense), but he’s also going to see more BCS-caliber defenses than he did before, too. Depth, as it usually is, will be the key – which doesn’t bode well for Tech’s chances in ’08.


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2 responses to “Paul Johnson is amused… for now.

  1. Chuck

    It’s not like Notre Dame beat Navy 40 times in a row or anything.

    Seriously though, those PPG numbers are impressive, and there’s no reason to think Tech can’t have a great defense with UGA’s leftover instate recruits.

    The most plausible Tech failure scenario beyond this year’s probably transitional problems centers around Johnson’s surly attitude. Tech fans were really wanting more of a straight shooter than Chan, and they certainly got what they wished for. If Tech’s offense looks awful for a while and the defense follows suit, it will be a circus of second-guessing and hand-wringing by the fans and rampant defensiveness from the coach.


  2. LrgK9

    Paul Johnson has won more national championships than any coach in the south. He has won more Presidents trophies and anyone alive. He is the real deal.

    That said – His offense will work just fine in the ACC.

    However, there is a reason that this offense is not run in the NFL. For that matter, there is a reason Myers’ offense is not run in the NFL. That reason is that the speed, size, and physicality of the defensive players keeps these schemes from being consistently effective and you get your backfield skill players killed.

    The SEC is the closest thing in existence to the NFL. These offenses will not work in the NFL and they will not work in the SEC. However, Peanut Butter and Jelly is gonna do right well in the ACC. Don’t fool yourself – he is a fine coach and motivator.