More dawgy love from the WWL

A few snippets from’s Spring college football chat:

Alec (Minocqua): who do u think will win the title?

SportsNation Heather: (1:25 PM ET ) Georgia

kobe bryant (los angeles, cali): do you think that texas is the best team in the nation?

SportsNation Heather: (1:29 PM ET ) Nope. I said I think Georgia is the team to beat, but USC will be up there and don’t forget about Ohio State. Again.

Spencer (Dallas, TX): Will the Gamecocks be able to make it to Atlanta with their defense keeping them in games?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman : (1:39 PM ET ) They’re a darkhorse for that. I think Carolina will be better. Just not sure they can overtake two NCAA title contenders in UGA and UF. Tough league obv.

kyle anderson (portland oregon): what team do u think will make it all way this year? and what games are u looking forward to seeing

SportsNation Bruce Feldman : (1:41 PM ET ) Can’t wait to see OSU-USC and florida-georgia later on.

Chris (Detroit, MI): If you are a defensive coordinator this year, what 5 offences scare you the most?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman : (1:42 PM ET ) right now I’ll go with the most dangerous offenses in 2008: not necessarily in this order: Florida, Mizzou, Texas Tech, WVU and Georgia/Ohio State.

bill texas: who is your heisman pick? top 5

SportsNation Bruce Feldman : (1:50 PM ET ) from this bunch: Tebow, Pat White, Chase Daniel, Beanie Wells and Knowshon Moreno and maybe Graham Harrell as a darkhorse.

Ben (Atlanta, GA): Hey Bruce, What do you expect from Matt Stafford this year? Does his game make the jump to the next level?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman : (1:59 PM ET ) Big improvement this year and the receivers will be very tough with AJ Green coming on.

Like, I’ve said, it’s going to be interesting to see how this team deals with the expectations.  From a national hype standpoint, this is beginning to feel like uncharted territory.


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