Now you see it…

A staple of the Georgia offensive playbook under Richt, the play action pass has always been something that Dawg quarterbacks have had to excel at. There is an art to selling a good play fake, and in my humble opinion, David Greene was a master at it. Greene was as good at carrying out the play fake as any quarterback I’ve seen at the college level.

One particular variation of it that Georgia runs is the delayed pass, a play that we’ll see once a year or so. Instead of a quick fake of a handoff to a back to freeze the defensive coverage for a moment, Greene would hold the ball on his hip, turn his back on the play and keep the ball for a few seconds to allow a streaking receiver to get open deep. The play involves a lot of salesmanship from the QB, the RB and the offensive line – and a great deal of courage from the quarterback, who is completely vulnerable to any defender who doesn’t buy the play fake and rushes the QB.

You know you’ve done your job well when the TV camera work gets sucked into the run fake along with the defense, as you can see in the two clips below.

In the first clip, against Tech in 2003, Munson gets so excited about the call and execution that he calls DG “Fred Greene”:

Speaking of courage, keep in mind that was behind the swiss cheese o-line of ’03 that allowed 47 sacks and against Tenuta’s blitz happy defense.

The second clip is a Greene to Edwards pass in the 2002 Vandy game. This one came at the expense of a Vandy DB who was touted as having some high academic credentials. Anyway, he didn’t look too smart here:

The first time I saw DG pull this off was against Auburn in ’01. He fooled everyone on the Auburn team except Tuberville, who ran down the sideline screaming at his defense to cover the pass play.

Too bad that one didn’t lead to a win…


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12 responses to “Now you see it…

  1. Always fun to watch.

    I was in the endzone for the ’01 Auburn game, saw Greene keep the ball behind his hip and act like the play was over. I pointed this out to a friend and waited for the whistles to blow figuring a penalty had occurred. Nope….a long bomb later and we had the first of the ‘fakeroo’ plays by Greene/Richt.

    Too bad the endzone seat I had also left me about 10 feet from the pileup that cost us the game. Boo.


  2. 2e

    Stafford had a good one in the Chick-fil-a bowl too (at 1:05):

    It seems like a couple of times recently, though, the QB has gotten smacked when the defense wasn’t fooled.


  3. SmoothJimmyApollo

    I saw Chris Weinke put a particularly heinous one of these on Clemson shortly before CMR left FSU to join us. As I recall, FSU was on its own 2 yard line, or some such nonsense, and Weinke had to wander around in the end zone with the ball on his hip for 3 or 4 seconds before turning and heaving one.


  4. Chuck

    “Fred Greene” not once but twice. My favorite thing about old clips is knowing how all the guys’ careers turned out as you watch and remembering not knowing.


  5. Kit

    I believe DJ tried to do this once against Auburn or SC and it DIDN’T WORK AT ALL. Thankfully, he was DJ and scrambled away from impending doom, but man was it close…


  6. We also tried it against South Carolina last year and it didn’t work at all. Pushed us out of scoring position if I remember correctly.

    The Weinke Fake was the best I’ve seen, the balls that Mr. Richt had to pull that in the end zone must rival that of various Elephant Species.


  7. The sports center highlight call that on the Greene-to-Edwards pass was: “There’s open, there’s wide open, and then there’s Terrence Edwards.”


  8. Dawg 05

    I think Terrence Edwards was the best receiver to have made this play. He completely fooled the DB into thinking it was a run play and then went off streaking upfield. I’m not sure any of our receivers since then have been able to sell it so well.


  9. Point: Until 2008, 2003 was the best coaching job Richt did at Georgia.

    Thoughts? 11 wins and an East crown out of no offensive protection and a duct-tape-and-chewing-gum running game.


  10. I’ve always thought ’03 was an impressive coaching job, too.


  11. dean

    I have to agree with you Senator. Greene was outstanding at the play fakes.
    I sure hated Lumpkin tore his ACL. He was not the same back after that.


  12. Hobnail_Boot

    For some reason, I have no recollection whatsoever of that Tech game. I know I wasn’t there and I’m sure I watched it but I couldn’t tell you where or with whom. Strange.

    Sounds to me like he called him ‘Greg Greene’ at first, then later ‘Fred Greene’.