Poor, poor, pitiful me

To borrow a phrase from Urban Meyer, never in the history of college football has a head coach been persecuted by his peers like Nick Saban. Just ask him. You can hear the **sniff** in his voice when you read these quotes:

The NCAA recently passed SEC-proposed legislation that prohibits head coaches from making off-campus visits during the spring evaluation period from April 15 to May 31.

The majority of SEC coaches favored the rule change, which was made over concerns about “bumping” incidents – contact with recruits – when coaches are not allowed to speak to recruits while on spring evaluation visits. But there remains some grumbling as the rule, which applies only to head coaches, actually goes into effect.

Alabama coach Nick Saban said head coaches are now put at a tremendous disadvantage because they can’t develop relationships at high schools in the spring.

“I think it’s ridiculous that we’re doing what we’re doing,” said Saban, who had the nation’s highest-rated recruiting class this year. “Basically, when you break it down, a head coach can go out in December, which is about two weeks if you’re going to a bowl game.”

“After all the dead periods in January, you get to go out for about two or three weeks and then it’s Signing Day,” Saban said.

Asked Thursday if he believes the rule was aimed at him, Saban replied: “I would rather not answer that. But I guess everybody can make their own assumptions.”

You know what happens when you assume, Coach.

What a complete joke this is. This whole tempest in a teapot isn’t about “player evaluation” – assistants can still go out and see the kids and head coaches can review mountains of film – it’s about certain star head coaches pushing the envelope on player contact.

Here’s a quote from Saban that’s rich:

“We (head coaches) will be accountable in the long run relative to the decisions that we make on character and all those factors,” he said.

Judging from what’s gone on in Tuscaloosa this off-season (before the rule change, that is), I’d say they’ve got a ways to go on character accountability. But, gosh, did you see how many fans turned out for A-Day?


UPDATE: More on this here, including a candid quote from Phil Fulmer:

“We probably, honestly, were our own worst enemies with some people taking advantage of the rule,” Fulmer said. “When a head coach walks into a high school, it almost ends up an event. The contact with prospects or the threat of that — not that everybody was doing it — but the concern about that was probably the reason they took everybody off. I don’t think I like that, but that’s where we are.”

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  1. Hobnail_Boot

    Senator, have you read ‘Blind Side’ by Michael Lewis yet?

    If you have, then there’s a certain passage about Fulmer that really seems even sleazier and hypocritical given that quote.