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Understatement of the day award

Goes to the Evil Genius:

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier said he is not ready to name a starting quarterback after the spring game…

Smelley threw five interceptions, going 13-for-30 for 219 yards and three touchdowns, while Beecher threw three picks, going 9-of-20 for 131 yards and one TD. [Emphasis added.]

Eight picks in a spring game? I’d say Mr. Garcia still looks like he has a bright future in Columbia.


UPDATE: If possible, this was even uglier than I originally thought. The defense was limited – “Spurrier tweaked the format to try to create more offense following last year’s 14-7 spring snooze fest. The defenses played three coverages and were prohibited from blitzing in the 37-34 win by the Black…” And Smelley’s meltdown was epic, as he threw five interceptions in the first half, including three in a seven-play stretch.


UPDATE #2: It looks like Spurrier will always have Blake Mitchell to kick around:

… In talking about the QBs performances Saturday, he said Mitchell was worse a year ago.

“Last year, Blake Mitchell hit 13 out of 39,” SOS said. “This ain’t bad compared to last year.”



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Who needs two hands anyway?

Fred Gibson had his share of circus catches at Georgia. Here’s one from the 2003 Auburn game, on a pass from Michael Johnson (!). Make sure you see the second replay, at 1:17 on the clip.

That’s one helluva catch.

I’m surprised more hasn’t been made out of comparing A. J. Green to Gibson. This catch has a similar flavor, doesn’t it?


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“Pick the Bulldogs to win the national championship at your own peril.”

Finebaum’s annual spring review of the SEC’s out of conference schedules is up and it’s a pretty decent analysis.

Georgia is listed as having the SEC’s toughest OOC slate, with this commentary:

— 1. Georgia (average star rating of opponents: (4): Georgia Southern (2), Central Michigan (4), Arizona State (5), Georgia Tech (5). The Bulldogs have the best team on paper in the SEC and they’ll need it with this very impressive non-conference slate. To make matters more difficult, Mark Richt’s team also has SEC road games at South Carolina, LSU and Auburn. Pick the Bulldogs to win the national championship at your own peril.

And Ole Miss’ schedule is found money for Houston Nutt. Instead of traveling to Austin to play Texas, he gets this instead:

— 11. Ole Miss (2): Memphis (2), Wake Forest (4), Samford (1), Louisiana-Monroe (1). Houston Nutt has to be pretty happy with this slate of losers.


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