Who needs two hands anyway?

Fred Gibson had his share of circus catches at Georgia. Here’s one from the 2003 Auburn game, on a pass from Michael Johnson (!). Make sure you see the second replay, at 1:17 on the clip.

That’s one helluva catch.

I’m surprised more hasn’t been made out of comparing A. J. Green to Gibson. This catch has a similar flavor, doesn’t it?


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9 responses to “Who needs two hands anyway?

  1. dawg1

    aj green is on a totally different level than fred gibson ever was.


  2. Similar flavor, yes. But did Fred ever win a HS basketball championship?


  3. Chuck

    Agree with dawg1. There’s your comparison.

    That second catch, AJ’s catch, is one of the best catches I’ve ever seen. That’s not even his primary hand he catches with.


  4. Filed under “General Idiocy”? Is that because Mark May picked us to lose that Auburn game? (and probably at least 10 games that season)


  5. dean

    I was at the game when AJ made that ridiculous catch. Why? Because my brother was a coach for the other team (Gaffney). Anyway I think AJ’s catch was better mainly because it was a poorly thrown pass. He made a great adjustment on the ball and just stuck his hand out there and “reeled” it in. The pass from MJ actually wasn’t that bad. It was still a great catch by Fred. It took a lot of focus to be able to hang on to that ball. As far as the comparisons to Freddy I hope pass catching ability is the only comparison drawn between the two. Nothing negative towards Fred personally but he was not known for his work ethic or hustle.


  6. I think the “general idiocy” on this one is mine. Thanks for catching the typo, D.N.


  7. In defense of Freddie, we never really used him like we shoulda. He would have been best utilized through a steady diet of fade routes…yet we had him doing some over-the-middle stuff and running sprints or whatever because he didn’t block well (yawn).

    Fred was tall and lanky, and it never seemed like people were willing to accept that. We’ve yet to have a guy since make perposterous catches like Gibson could.


  8. dean

    Freddie’s utilization or lack there of was self imposed. Besides fade routes are a low percentage pass. He was doing over the middle stuff because those are high percentage passes and to get the ball in his hands. It’s simple, at UGA the receivers block or don’t play. Visit Youtube and watch Moreno’s highlight video to see how important WR’s blocking is to breaking long runs.
    I’m surprised more comparisions are drawn between Freddie and Walter Hill. Just because of their similar build and back ground.


  9. dean

    Last sentence should say “aren’t drawn between….”