If he told you, he’d probably have to kill you.

Will the Gators compete for an SEC title and a shot at the MNC? Urban Meyer will know this summer – but he won’t be telling anybody:

“I probably would never tell you [when he knows] because that would be too much pressure on a football team, but I’ll know in July if we’re going to compete for a championship,” Meyer said earlier this spring.

Just like he knew last year, and kept it to himself.

“I’ll tell you after the fact,” Meyer added. “Like last year, no chance. Zero. We’re going to still go and fight, fight, fight, win, win, win, and all that other stuff, but you could tell. …

As inspiration, “fight, fight, fight, win, win, win, and all that other stuff” leaves a little something to be desired. It’s no “finish the drill”, that’s for sure. Let alone this.


UPDATE: Maybe there’s more not to discuss than chemistry. Percy Harvin’s surgery sounds pretty gruesome, for one.

Meyer was in Ohio to spend time with family last week, but said he has spoken frequently with star WR Percy Harvin, who is recovering from surgery on his right heel. That surgery, which required the doctor to drill two holes in Harvin’s heel and remove some bone, will force Harvin into a months-long rehab program. Meyer remains hopefully Harvin will be able to participate in summer conditioning and will be 100 percent healthy by the time training camp opens in August. “It’s going to be a lengthy deal,” Meyer said. “He’s going to have to be real disciplined about it. The biggest concern is infection at this point, and doing something he’s not supposed to do. But we’re very positive.”

And it sounds like the red carpet is being rolled out for a certain incoming recruit.

That line trouble has coaches on what Meyer called “Omar Hunter watch.” “May 11 he rolls into Gainesville, and guess who is going to be there to meet him,” Meyer said. “Not a GA. The head duck.”


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16 responses to “If he told you, he’d probably have to kill you.

  1. UgaMatt

    Well, I’m not shocked. I mean, he only recruits the top 1% of 1%, knows when his team does something that’s never been done in the HISTORY of college football, and has been known to give women orgasms by pointing and staring. When you have those skills, what’s the ability to know the future?


  2. One word: Megalomaniac.


  3. dean

    So let me get this straight. At the end of the season if UF plays for and or wins an SEC and or MNC, Myer will then come out and say he thought this team could compete for a championship. And if they don’t then he says they were not ready to compete for a championship. What a genius.


  4. File this under the hindsight-is-20/20 category. I think ESPN might be able to help him until June.


  5. Kit

    “Omar Hunter watch.”

    I’m sorry, but if you’re relying on an incoming freshman to save the day (no matter how damn good he is), you’ve got severe problems on your line.

    But hey, Meyer already knows this. He knew before you knew, and didn’t even bother to tell you about it until he was comfortable with you knowing and then he told someone else to tell you because you couldn’t handle the truth coming straight from his mouth.

    And yeah, he’s pointing and staring at you right now.


  6. Kit

    Oh and FWIW, I still don’t see Harvin being 100% by the beginning of the season. Only a few special types of people have Wolverine healing powers like that and I don’t think Harvin is one of them.

    My guess is he’ll still be injury ridden by the time the WLOCP begins.


  7. Kit, on the Hunter front, don’t forget that UF’s also counting on Will Hill coming in and doing an Eric Berry impression. If both kids come through, that’ll be one helluva Daily Double, but what’s the likelihood of that happening?

    As for Harvin, I wonder what kind of shape he’ll be in by the WLOCP. I don’t wish injuries on any kid, but considering that Georgia limped into J-ville with a depleted receiving corps in ’03 and no Shockley in ’05, there’s a certain amount of karmic justice in UF having health problems last year and (potentially) this year.


  8. NM

    Not to mention the health problems Tebow will have by halftime this year… At least until he performs surgery on himself to fix it.


  9. Richt-Flair

    I think Chris Rainey just ran a 3.9. No wait, 3.8. Kid gets faster every time. World record


  10. Kit

    Richt-Flair, don’t you think Urban Meyer already knows this? He knew about Chris Rainey’s speed before Chris Rainey even knew what walking was.

    His better is better than your better.


  11. UgaMatt

    Any truth to the rumors that the 10o meters in Beijing is being renamed the “Chris Rainey invitational + 60 meters that don’t count”?


  12. 81Dog

    Urban Meyer? More like Nostrameyerdamus, if you ask me.

    He knew I was going to say that, by the way. He knew it before I even thought it. He actually predicted this in a journal he kept back in 1982. He also predicts the housing market crisis, $110 a barrel oil, and the writers strike. Of course, he also predicted the Yankees would win the World Series last fall, so he’s not perfect.

    personally, I’m thinking about calling him and asking him who’s going to win American Idol in 2010, but I’m afraid he’ll tell me it’s going to be Omar Hunter.

    I can see the documentary for the UF 2007 season now. It’ll be titled “Urban Knew We’d Suck Last Summer


  13. Ben

    I’m so tired of this guy. That’s all I can bother to say.


  14. Just think: Meyer will know before anyone else whether Tebow will win his second Heisman this season.


  15. HamDawg11

    Richt-Flair, great name!! LOL


  16. NebraskaDawg

    Well after July we’ll know if we need to call off the season.