One hand washes the other.

As you could probably guess, the Zooker is none too happy with the new NCAA rule prohibiting contact between head coaches and recruits during the spring.

But in complaining, he brings up a point that, if true, raises some serious questions about the relationship between some of the recruiting services and certain head coaches.

… Because operator/writers for Internet sites, such as and, are the only ones who have unregulated access to recruits when coaches can’t talk to them, it’s an area that’s ripe for corruption.

Some programs have secretly allied themselves with the Web sites that report on their school as another way to communicate with recruits.

In return, the Web sites get better information, more traffic and make more money.

“We’re turning the recruiting over to the so-called recruiting gurus,” Zook said. “Now, all of a sudden, just like you’ve got basketball coaches complaining that it’s turning over to the AAU coaches, now we’re turning it over to these guys that can call them.

“Well, you know what a lot of them are saying. They’re selling their school to these kids, and we’re not able to talk to them. To me, we’re losing this thing, in my opinion.”

If true, that’s pretty sleazy. I’m not sure I’ve heard about Rivals or Scout being particularly close to a particular program or programs… but there’s a certain someone whose name comes to mind with regard to a school that has a head coach with a funny haircut who might fit the profile.

And, yes, I’m aware there’s a certain amount of irony in this whole story.



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10 responses to “One hand washes the other.

  1. UgaMatt

    Surely you don’t think Urban “We’re recruiting Tebow at linebacker” Meyer would text up a recruiting service for favorable publicity? I mean, why would he need to? Between ESPN and the power of his point and stare, what recruit could resist?


  2. I was, um, hinting in a more northerly direction…


  3. NostraDAWGus

    Web site? Are you kidding me? There is an entire sports network that tongue-shines the backside of one or two programs on a regular basis . . . .


  4. In my best Church Lady voice:

    “Could it be … SABAN?”


  5. My hinting skills must have seriously declined. 😉

    I was pointing north of the Mason-Dixon line…


  6. Tenn_Dawg

    He is referring to Tom Lemming and his total man crush on Charlie Wiess and everything that is Norte Dame.


  7. kckd

    The problem here had to do with the haircut I think. I don’t really see Weiss’ haircut as funny, nor any of the others mentioned here. It is a little old fashioned in that Biff from Back to the Future sort of way. But since Lemming is the most well documented recruiting analyst with an agenda, I sorta figured ND was where this was headed.


  8. It is a little old fashioned in that Biff from Back to the Future sort of way.

    LOL. I may have to borrow that one from you down the road.


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