Rummaging through them Internets

A few items of note to bring to your attention:

  • Georgia’s upcoming schedule gets another look-see, this time from Quinton over at Georgia Sports Blog.
  • Meanwhile, at Garnet and Black Attack, the reluctant case (and, boy, is he reluctant) is made against Southern Cal and for Georgia as THE TEAM in 2008.
  • Over at the wonderfully named Third Saturday in Blogtober, they’re speculating about who Verne Lundquist’s new love interest will be. Besides Tim Tebow, of course.
  • This is what I mean when I say I never wish an injury on any kid, no matter who he suits up for: the details on UT’s David Holbert’s awful knee injury, over at Rocky Top Talk. I hope for nothing but the best for him on his long road to recovery.
  • And if you’re looking for that final spring practice roundup (which technically can’t happen yet, since Arky hasn’t played its spring game), this summary at the Chattanooga Times Free Press is as good a place to start as any.


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4 responses to “Rummaging through them Internets

  1. Kit

    You know, Uncle Verne is probably my second favorite college football broadcaster to listen to next to Munson, of course.

    I understand he plays into the Tebow love, but the guy knows football TODAY as opposed to how it used to be when he was growing up and he calls the game that way.

    When the SEC TV contracts get renegotiated, I’m really hoping CBS doesn’t lose just because I don’t want to watch a broadcast without Verne calling it.

    And yes, that does sound like a love letter…I am aware of that.


  2. I like Lundquist and I think the CBS team of him and Danielson is as good a pairing as there is on college football TV right now.

    As far as TV play by play announcers go, Verne is probably my #2, behind Ron Franklin. I wouldn’t want to see CBS lose the SEC contract to Fox (ugh), but if ESPN/ABC somehow grabbed it away from CBS and made RF the primary announcer, I wouldn’t be too upset.


  3. dean

    “I wouldn’t want to see CBS lose the SEC contract to Fox (ugh)…” Thanks for the sleepless night. I’ll be waking up in cold sweats thinking about Matt “Stanford”and being called the florida gators and how Georgia should quit playing hard and jumpers.

    I have go with Verne/Danielson as my favorite. I also liked Verne/Blackledge(?) except when Blackledge mentioned the ’82 Sugar Bowl.

    I find it oddly interesting that most Carolina fans dislike UGA as much, or in some cases, more than Clem[p]son. Kyle King from Dawgsports asks the question why in the comments and the guy gives a sound reason. Although he like most cock fans dislike UGA mainly because of the obnoxious fans. Which I don’t see how any Carolina fan can call Georgia fans obnoxious, pot calling the kettle black if you ask me.


  4. Kit

    Yeah, CBS did the right thing when they paired Danielson with Uncle Verne. Danielson, I think, was probably the first person that knew The Celebration was planned, stated it, and stuck to it throughout the half until Richt confirmed it. Props to him.

    Due to some roommate issues, the Blackout game was never recorded, but when I get my hands on a copy, I’m going to schedule aside ample amounts of time to hear them call that one.