I got my eye on you, babe.

The NCAA only thinks it’s holding down Nick Saban with its silly rules. But rules are meant to be circumvented if you’re the Sabinator.  This is probably more of that character building stuff college coaches like to talk about when they’re trying to sell the value of a football program.

Meanwhile, in Gainesville…


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5 responses to “I got my eye on you, babe.

  1. dean

    Got to admit, it’s creative. However I bet Myer had already thought about doing this but he was waiting ’till the end of recruiting season to say so.


  2. NebraskaDawg

    Poor kid, he’s work on senior level addition and subtraction so he can pass and in pops Saban on the computer to talk about more important things like BAMA FOOSBALL!!


  3. bubbersbev

    How about the misuse of school funds? Whose bandwidth did the kid use for this teleconference? Not making any accusations, but questions worth asking.


  4. ...solipsubmissive...

    ohfergawdsake! What bandwidth, indeed. i’m not the biggest Saban fan in the world (at least not since he left LSU,) but you’ve got to hand it to the guy.

    Misuse of school funds. Whatever.



  5. C’mon. It’s a teleconference; they happen all over the world every day. Give Saban credit for coming up with a nifty new way to recruit, but let’s not act like he invented cold fusion here (which, not surprisingly, is what the Alabama fans in my neck of the woods have been doing for the past week).