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Random Georgia factoid of the day

Per Steve Patterson at UGASports.com:

… the current crop of seniors, which consists of players from the classes of 2004 and 2005, with 2005 being the lowest ranked class of the Richt era at number ten, is currently riding the second longest winning streak in the nation at seven games (BYU, 10), and could become the sixth consecutive class to have added 40 or more wins to Georgia’s all-time totals. [Emphasis added.]

Even in a twelve game regular season era, that’s nothing to sneer at.


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Nothing like a little trash talking

Damn, I don’t know how I missed this quote from Suzanne Yoculan:

“You should have seen that list of the top 10 coaches in the SEC in that Alabama newspaper,” Yoculan says, referring to a list by a Mobile Press-Register columnist. “I’m No. 10. (Football coach) Tommy Tuberville of Auburn is No. 9. How many national championships has he won?”

I presume she means real ones.

Demonstrating how wide the gap really is between she and Tuberville …

(photo courtesy Kelly Lambert, AP)

(h/t Capstone Report)


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Message to Zook: Recruiter, heal thyself.

I don’t think Rivals’ Bobby Burton and the Zooker will be exchanging Christmas cards any time soon, judging from the shot fired back by Burton in response to the Zooker’s recent complaint about the perceived cozy relationship between recruiting services and coaches.

I give Burton this much credit: at least he was willing to lay out specifics:

… The new rule has come about because of your profession’s inability to work within the rules that govern them. Simply put, the NCAA doesn’t want its head coaches going out in the spring because they don’t trust you and your brethren.

This new rule has nothing to do with Rivals.com; it’s not our job to recruit players, nor is any writer paid to recruit players to a school. It’s our job to report about recruiting. Instead, the new rule has everything to do with your profession’s inability to follow rules.

Even in the face of these new rules and professional scrutiny from other coaches, you personally continue to push the envelope. [Emphasis added.] For example, your appearances at coaching clinics on high school campuses – including an upcoming one at Chicago’s Mount Carmel High – is a possible circumvention of the new NCAA rules. At least that’s how one conference’s compliance folks ruled. The Big East already has told its programs they can’t conduct these “clinics,” ones exactly like you are conducting, on high school campuses during the spring evaluation period.

The by-product of this new rule won’t be that Rivals.com or any media member will have greater control over where a recruit chooses to attend college. The only real by-product will be more NCAA regulations to keep you and other college coaches from trying to circumvent the system.

Will the Zooker take this lying down, or will he fire back? We’ll have to wait and see.

(h/t The Wizard of Odds)

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“If you’re in the Justice League wherever someone is in distress, you go.”

Shorter Dennis Dodd:  Congressman Neil Abercrombie may be a dumbass, but… never mind, I can’t come up with a qualifier.

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