“I don’t want to play for a sluggish-looking team.”

I don’t know what astounds me more about this story – that a kid would pick a college based on the school’s uniform, or that a kid would pick Oregon based on the school’s uniform.

… The recruiting gossip last winter was he was almost certainly headed to Florida State, but the seeds of his cross-country sojourn were initially sown on a faithful October afternoon when he and some buddies watched Oregon nip USC on television.

Said Blount, “Those uniforms are tight.”

“Would you go there?” a buddy asked.

“I’d go there.”

And the rest, as they say, is history.

(photo courtesy ESPN/Eric Evans)


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2 responses to ““I don’t want to play for a sluggish-looking team.”

  1. NM

    Aww, MANNNN. I’ve always heard they liked those flashy unis for recruiting, and now that they have one piece of supporting evidence, they’ll NEVER get rid of them.


  2. Ally

    I guess that’s what will console him when he finally leaves Oregon and without a championship…. “well at least our uniforms were tight!”

    Maybe he’ll get lucky and end up playing for the Packers.