Win some, lose some.

Isn’t this the textbook definition of football mediocrity?

Through nine years… Bowden hasn’t had a losing season at Clemson, but he hasn’t posted a top-10 finish or an ACC title, either.


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4 responses to “Win some, lose some.

  1. Kit

    Tech’s old AD (I can’t remember his name right now, but the one who flat out said GT was never going to be all that great) and Tommy Bowden should join forces and create the most consistently disappointing program in the history of the universe.

    I’d pay money to see a November train wreck like would Ray Ray.


  2. Nor has he played for an ACC title. Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, and Boston College all have.

    Closest he’s gotten to anything was de facto playing for the division title last year.


  3. dean

    You want to know what is really sad? Clem[p]son is the flagship program for the state of South Carolina. I’ve heard their changing the state motto from “beautiful places and smiling faces” to “wait ’till next year”.


  4. HVLDawg

    I live in Western NC and most fans around are for Clemmins, then Lamecocks, then UGA, the UNC. I’ve got no beef with Clemmins except they wear orange and are sissies for not trying to join the SEC. Their fans that I encounter are cool toward UGA- they pull for us and I pull for them. Who else would you want to win the ACC- Boston College? CMR and watergirl will be pulling for them and I’m for them.

    Who would you rather see win- Tommy Bowden, Steve Whats-his-Name or Butch Davis?