Sports bloggers are the Debbil.

I’ve already posted about what a whiny douche bag Bob Costas turned out to be on the subject of sports blogging.

So what do you think you get when you have Costas host a show with Deadspin’s Will Leitch and the incredibly full of himself sports journalist Buzz Bissinger?

Well, what you get is some of the stupidest nonsense ever broadcast. [Note: Some of the commentary is definitely NSFW. Be warned.] It’s simply amazing to listen to someone so oblivious to a generational gap. You get the impression that if Bissinger ever took in something like The Daily Show he’d bitch about why people don’t watch The CBS Evening News like they should.

Tone deaf doesn’t even begin to describe the guy. Not that Costas was much better.

Leitch’s restraint was pretty admirable. You can read more of his thoughts about the show here.



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6 responses to “Sports bloggers are the Debbil.

  1. JasonC

    I think what Buzz is missing (other than decency), is that whether it is posted on the internet or not, when Sean Salisbury was let go, people were saying “good riddance”. And whether it is at the bar, at the gym or on a Deadspin comments section, it is still part of the sports world.
    And frankly, the way that windbag “expert journalists” like Skip Bayless and the PTI guys go on about stuff, I think they should shut the heck up and let people that are equally smart (or stupid) have their say also.


  2. LT

    I think what was ignored for the most part was blogging is an extension of what fans talk about or joke about. They aren’t meant to be the primary source of information. Its rare you find commentary with any real insight. I’d never bother going to most UGA websites a second time if it wasn’t something to click on when I go to


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  4. Joe

    Its funny to watch them bag on the blogs for the whole Matt Lienart picture scandel when wasnt ESPN and other sports news that had it all over the screen for a couple days?????

    Funny thing was….Braylon Edwards sounded smarter than all of them..LOL


  5. LT

    They keep bringing up jounalist being educated and going to college, but a lot of the journalist ESPN brings on their network got degrees in something other than journalism.


  6. Richt-Flair

    God forbid fans create their own community to talk about sports. We wouldn’t have the Moores and Shultzes of the world blasting fans for overexuburance because they now have to cover an event that involves boxed lunches. The horror.