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“That’s the world that we’re in.”

Sure, we’ve all heard the story of Kentucky basketball coach Billy Gillispie offering a scholly to a ninth grader, but did you know that there’s an SEC football coach who’s done the same thing?

Raise your hand if you’re surprised.

… Tennessee football coach Phillip Fulmer said most coaches agree it doesn’t look ethical to recruit someone 14 or 15 years old, but he won’t shy away from it.

“It’s almost like everybody else is, so you have to,” Fulmer said. “That’s the world we live in. Ninth-grader is a stretch, but recruiting sophomores is real. That’s where we are.”

Fulmer said he once offered a scholarship to a ninth-grader, offensive lineman Jeff Smith, who became an All-SEC standout en route to a standout NFL career.

“I kidded Jeff that he came to our summer camp so many years that we owed him a scholarship,” Fulmer said. “When he was in the ninth grade, he was 6-3, 280 pounds. He could run, move his feet and was a good person. So I offered him…”

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Georgia’s ten most memorable plays of 2007, #3

Georgia vs. Florida, October 27:

Georgia at 11:41 GA FLA
1st and 10 at GA 28 Knowshon Moreno rush for 4 yards to the Geo 47 for a 1ST down, Florida penalty 15 yard face mask on Wondy Pierre-Louis accepted. 28 24
1st and 10 at GA 47 Matthew Stafford pass complete to Mikey Henderson for 53 yards for a TOUCHDOWN. 34 24

On the first play after stopping Florida on downs, Georgia handed the ball off to Knowshon for a small gain, at which point one of my friends sniffed, “that’s not what Spurrier would have done if we’d have turned the ball over there.”

Nope, he’d have called something like this.

Mike Bobo, I think I love you.


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The SEC rakes it in. Again.

Not too shabby:

The Southeastern Conference will split $127 million among the 12 member schools in the revenue sharing plan for the current fiscal year.

The figure announced by the league Friday is the highest in SEC history and is $5 million more than last year. The fiscal year ends Aug. 31.

When you look at the specifics, football generated more than twice as much revenue for the conference than did basketball.  It’s not just the regular season revenue that explains that, either.  The SEC took in more money from bowl games than it did from March Madness.

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Phil Steele’s 2008 Toughest Schedule

Say no more. The Preview is coming out and Mr. Diet Mountain Dew is dribbling out a few tasty bits on the website for us.

Here’s how he does the accounting:

… my rankings for the nation’s toughest schedules this year. These rankings take two major factors into account. The first is my 8 sets of Power Ratings. This ensures that a IAA team is rated much lower than South Carolina, which was 6-6 last year but will be an SEC bowl team this year.

The second factor is the amount of home and away games played. As an example, this year some teams will have as many as 8 home games, while others play as many as 8 on the road.

According to Steele, Georgia comes in with the third toughest schedule this season, behind Washington and Arkansas. What’s interesting is that all of the teams mentioned in the preseason mix to make a run at the BCS title game show up well in Steele’s rankings – none are outside the toughest 35.

And I see why he ranks Clemmins in his preseason top 10.

Phil’s got some good news and some bad news for us Dawg fans. First, the bad…

If you go to my website ( you will find out that teams that play a top 20 schedule normally do not fare well. I mentioned earlier about the poor records for teams that took on a top 6 schedule last year but of teams that took on a top 20 slate, ELEVEN were not bowl eligible and ZERO were in the Top 10 at the end of the year. Only two of the 20 even managed to be ranked in the Top 20!

But we can take some solace in this:

… Here are this year’s teams in which one or more sets of my Power Ratings forecast a perfect season as a possibility. This year the teams are Florida, Ohio State, USC, Oklahoma, Georgia, Missouri, West Virginia, USF, Clemson, Utah, BYU, Virginia Tech, Tulsa and Ball St. Keep in mind that good health, a positive turnover ratio and a little luck are needed to go unbeaten. I hope your favorite team has a favorable schedule.

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Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together…

The things coaches will do to support the troops

In the category of strange bedfellows, politics has nothing on lifting the morale of the U.S. military.

I have seen Charlie Weis perform the UCLA Eight-Clap with an Air Force Bruin.

I have seen Tommy Tuberville sign a Georgia shirt, and Randy Shannon sign a Notre Dame shirt.

I have seen Mark Richt sing Rocky Top with a faraway Vol and sign “Go Gators!” on a poster for a Florida fan.

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Tuberville disses the Buckeyes.

Not a lot of respect here:

In advocating a playoff, Tuberville pointed to Ohio State losing by a wide margin in consecutive national championship games by SEC teams.

“Ohio State would have finished fifth in our league and they’re ranked No. 1 in the preseason poll,” Tuberville said.

Of course, as you read this, keep in mind it’s uttered by a coach who had Hawai’i ranked ahead of Georgia in his final 2007 coaches’ poll ballot.


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Best of luck to you in the future, David. Your blog will be sorely missed.


UPDATE: Looks like Ching jumped the gun a bit.

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