Low Bowl on the totem pole

It’s a day late and a dollar short for our friends in Columbia, but going forward they should know that the Papajohns.com Bowl has got their backs.

… The Papajohns.com Bowl has a two-year deal to receive the SEC’s lowest bowl-eligible team. That gives the league nine automatic bowl berths — if the SEC has that many eligible teams. If not, the Birmingham game will have to find an at-large team.

South Carolina was bowl eligible last season but sat out the postseason when the SEC filled its eight slots.

There’s nothing like going to a bowl game that the folks in Shreveport get to look down their noses at.


UPDATE: Speaking of lesser bowls, I grok the mockery. What I don’t get is the self-righteousness:

Fifty-seven percent of teams will be going to bowls this year versus only thirty-nine a decade ago. How can college football fans continue to argue that the regular season means so much more than most sports now? How can it be argued having that many teams going to bowls is good for college football? It seems like the regular season will now only matter to elite teams fighting for a BCS spot. – Phil

A: Simple. They’re bowls; not a playoff. If 57% of the teams got into a playoff, then yeah, there’s a beef that the regular season is as meaningless as it is in all the other sports. But the non-BCS Championship bowls are glorified exhibition games and outside of bragging rights they really don’t matter. If you don’t like them, don’t watch. You don’t see anyone complaining about the NIT in college basketball.

Jeez, how hard is that to comprehend?


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2 responses to “Low Bowl on the totem pole

  1. NebraskaDawg

    Finally we are getting enough bowls so the chickens can go also.


  2. dean

    I’ve said it on here before but I just don’t think teams should be rewarded for going 6-6. I mean we don’t get rewarded at work for doing a mediocre job. I don’t reward my kids for making C’s. It’s not that going 7-5 is that much better but you should at least have to win more than you lost to be eligible. Anyway I’ll get off my soapbox now.

    Don’t forget about prestige and payout of non-BCS bowls, yes prestige. It’s much more prestigious to be playing on New Years day than Christmas. The Capital one or Outback pay a heck of a lot more than the Music City or Papajohns bowls. Not to mention the players “gift packages” are better. I would think that adds to the importance of winning those last couple of games.