Not this time

After reading the post-mortems from Mark Schlabach and USA Today, some final thoughts (I hope) on the just concluded BCS meetings:

  1. Contrary to the general perception before these guys met, it wasn’t a case of the Big Ten and Pac-10 against the world, as much as Jim Delany seemed to relish that role. In the end, the only conferences that wanted to visit the topic of a plus-one were the ACC and the SEC. And even with those two, there was no clear indication that either was in favor of it, had the matter gone to an actual vote.
  2. Mike Slive seems genuinely motivated by what happened to Auburn in 2004. A good commissioner – which Slive is – should be. But he’s also honest enough to recognize that a plus-one in 2007 would have ginned up its own fair share of controversy.
  3. Fear is a powerful motivator. These guys have an appreciation for what the regular season generates financially – Attendance at major college games averaged a record 46,962 last season, the 11th consecutive year that number has climbed. ABC, whose regular-season college football viewership hit a 10-year high in 2006, dipped 15% to an average of almost 4.4 million households in ’07. But ratings for ESPN and CBS were their highest since 1999, and game viewership on ESPN2 averaged a record 1.027 million households, according to the networks – and simply aren’t willing to jeopardize that. It’s clear that they don’t trust themselves to limit the size of a playoff.

UPDATE: Yeah, I know. In any case, Tony Barnhart has some final thoughts of his own to share. Not much that’s surprising, but I have to admit this made me blink:

…Goren showed up at Tuesday’s meetings with the Emmy Award that FOX won for its coverage of the Oklahoma-Boise State Fiesta Bowl on Jan. 1, 2007.

I’m not sure whether that reflects badly on the Emmys or on sports broadcasting, but I feel like I should be appalled at someone after reading that.


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4 responses to “Not this time

  1. Will

    Yeah, I think that Emmy should either go in Boise State’s trophy case or be given to Zabransky and Johnson, ’cause Fox was in no way responsible for the drama in that game.


  2. dean

    I strongly second Will’s comment. Although, maybe the Emmy should go to Oklahoma since they didn’t get anything out of the game except humility and a paycheck.
    What category was the Emmy for? It couldn’t have been for play by play or commentary.


  3. Boz

    The numbers of households watching the BCS games has nothing to do with Fox Sports and everything to do with the fans’ devotion to the sport of College Football. Fox’s coverage of this years games was horrible. From the pathetic pre/post game analysis and play by play commentators, to the grueling number of commercials, the whole production sucked donkey. The viewers deserved the award for their dedication to the sport more than network deserved an emmy for what unfolded.


  4. NM

    I wonder why only the ACC and SEC are behind it. My pet theory:

    -For the ACC, a playoff is the only shot they’ve got to get a team into a bowl that matters…
    -…while for the SEC, a playoff is the only way to create an all-SEC championship game.