High anxiety

I guess I’ll have to be less judgmental when I see people leaving a game at Sanford Stadium early, as it’s gone completely smoke free.

… Under the new policy, fans will not be allowed to leave Sanford Stadium to smoke and then re-enter. That means smokers will have to wait more than three hours without a puff.

“It’s the same as a plane flight,” Crumley said.

You know, he’s on to something there. Both experiences share smoking bans, getting through security, lines to use the toilets and uncomfortable seating (except for the first class section). Although you do get a free beverage on most flights these days.



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2 responses to “High anxiety

  1. Chuck

    Um, and you can’t have alcohol in Sanford either.


  2. dean

    “Tennessee went smoke-free at its football stadium…..” I’ll bet that didn’t go over to well. Although when they ban smokeless tobacco that’s when there will be hell to pay. Them good ‘ol boys (and girls) ain’t going without their chaw.

    “Um, and you can’t have alcohol in Sanford either.” Riiight. Wink. Wink.