At least he didn’t blame it on racism.

Shorter Terence Moore: That they proposed and voted for a college football playoff is proof that the devious greedheads running the SEC are opposed to a college football playoff.


UPDATE: Shorter Chris Dufresne: Mike Slive’s playoff plan failed because he wasn’t devious enough.



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3 responses to “At least he didn’t blame it on racism.

  1. Senator,

    Mr. Moore is best ignored. “Pushing buttons” is what he does. As for the subject of a play-off system, I don’t think there is any way that all parties involved would ever be happy with where their school was seeded. “Eight” would argue that they should be five, “two” shouldn’t have to play “seven” because . . . ad nauseum. Awkward rematches, same conference match-ups, I could go on and on. Can you imagine Georgia meeting LSU in the regular season, then again in the conference championship, AND in the playoffs? I don’t know how many cajuns there are that would want to fight, but I know how many they would use! All of them!


  2. I would like to add, I am not one who believes Georgia should have been in the championship game this year. Sorry to say, we didn’t get it done on the field. Here’s hoping 2008 IS the year we take care of business and play our way to Miami!


  3. NebraskaDawg

    I didn’t know anybody read Terence Moore anymore. He only gets paid to say something stupid and get people to go to the AJC.