Oh, that schedule

Two quick thoughts on Georgia’s ’08 football schedule:

  • On paper, right now, it looks pretty daunting.  But you never know how things will turn out.  As Arthur Johnson, who is in charge of scheduling, puts it, “… until all the games are played and it’s laid out, then you go back and say ‘Man, it was a damn hard schedule’ or maybe ‘Some of the teams weren’t as good as we thought they were.’ “
  • The good news is that we won’t have much of a problem finding Georgia on television this year.


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3 responses to “Oh, that schedule

  1. S.E. Dawg

    We all know that the schedule is totally unreal, but with Ryan P. not in a LSU uniform will help. The two games that really worry me are Auburn and UF.

    Also with the Kick off time with ASU the coaches better have our guys in good condition. Hopefully one thing that may help is the hot Georgia summers into early fall. Maybe we have the depth at all positions to help also.


  2. dean

    I spent some time in El Paso, Texas and the heat out there isn’t like the heat here. It’s still hot but you don’t have the extreme humidity, which makes it miserable. It’s a dry heat which makes it easier to dehydrate ’cause you don’t realize how much fluid you loosing. I’m sure the coaches are aware of this and will be well prepared.


  3. Dave

    A friend of mine is a hardcore PAC-10 fan. He says that ASU is way overrated and that we should dominate their offensive line. Their O-line gave up a lot of sacks last year and loses 3 starters this year, so that maybe one of those games that turns out much better than we initially think. Time will tell.