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You know, if you’re Michael Adams, this whole BCS/playoff discussion is a complete godsend. If a journalist calls you up these days about college sports, he or she isn’t asking about the Harricks, under the table quarter of a million dollar payments to a coach you had fired a couple of seasons later or the utter lack of success of your game day family friendly zones. Naw, they call you because they want to hear you pontificate about the playoff plan you pitched that’s been peed on by your peers. Publicly.


So I understand why Adams likes having the discussion. Plus, he gets to trot out his “man of the people” schtick.

“… But when 80 percent of the public [according to polls] thinks there’s something wrong with it, that says something to me.”

What I don’t understand is why he keeps getting asked.

Meanwhile, this just in – WaPo’s John Feinstein is still a pompous ass. Here’s something he had to say at a commencement address yesterday:

… Commencement speeches haven’t changed much over the years, Feinstein said as he conjured up a graduation day oratory from Plato, circa 399 B.C. In Feinstein’s imagination, Plato congratulated the graduates, decried the influence of big-time sports, and called for a playoff system for major college football…

You remember that chapter in The Republic about playoffs, don’t you?

The best part of this is that he didn’t deliver the address at some major college football hotbed, or a D-1 school that wasn’t in a BCS conference. No – these remarks were made at Radford University, a Division 2 1-AA school which doesn’t field a football team.



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5 responses to “Something to talk about

  1. Hey, hey . . . RU competes in Division I in basketball.

    (Sorry, I lived in Radford when I was little. Gotta stand up for the Highlanders.)


  2. Sam

    I am neutral on Adams, leaning toward negative (and the Dooley situation doesn’t factor into my feelings), but his stance on the need for a playoff is spot on. I am disappointed at his timing. It was unfortunate because it gets dismissed as sour grapes about UGA’s 2007 football team. The problem is much bigger than what happened to UGA this past season, and goes back several decades encompassing hundreds of teams.

    The 2004 Auburn team probably has the best case for complaint in the history of football, but truth is, there are 2-4 teams every season that has some legitimate complaint. I am pleased Adams went on record, just wish he had done so before the season started…he would have been seen as more credible if he “didn’t have a Dawg in the fight.”


  3. Hey, hey . . . RU competes in Division I in basketball.

    Doesn’t everybody these days? 😉

    I think Radford was a girls’ school until UVa went coed…


  4. RU Grad

    WOW. Your stupidity is amazing. How can you say the things you’ve said with such bravado and be so stupidly wrong.

    Radford is Division I in ALL 19 sports it participates in. It has been for 25 years. RU is not a recent convert to Division I like North Florida or Belmont. Its a founding member of the Big South Conference.

    No RU doesn’t have football, but really why should it? The Highlanders are 15 minutes from Blacksburg, so not only would starting a team cost tens of millions of dollars, but it would have to deal with Virginia Tech Football.

    And by the way, Radford is no slouch either. Winningest men’s basketball record of ANY Virginia school in the 1990s. Prior to 2002, RU had just four losing seasons in over 25 years of men’s basketball. Women’s basketball won nine of the first 10 Big South titles.

    What’s really scary is that one would think a Georgia fan would have a better idea of who Radford is since RU will face UGa Saturday in the First Round of the NCAA Men’s Tennis Championship.


  5. My apologies, RU Grad – should have said Radford was a 1-AA school. If that lessens in your eyes the point I was making, so be it…