Looking ahead

In case you’re interested, or even if you’re not but have some time on your hands, some of the online publications are starting to put out their previews on every D-1 team’s upcoming season.

The New York Times’ The Quad is running its previews from worst to first, starting with #119 Utah State. It’s publishing one preview each day, but so far no Georgia opponent has appeared.

That’s not the case over at College Football News, which starts out its preview with Auburn. The gist of it?

… While normally the expectations would be tempered a bit with the new offense being put in, there’s no reason the Tigers can’t be in the thick of the SEC title chase in a year when almost everyone in the West is revamping or retooling in some way. The defense, even with star coordinator Will Muschamp off to Texas, has the potential to be every bit as strong as last season’s group that led the league in points allowed and was second overall, and the offense, even if it takes a little bit to get going, isn’t going to be worse.

The schedule works out well, the overall talent and athleticism is there, and head coach Tommy Tuberville remains one of the nation’s best and most underappreciated head coaches.

No, this isn’t a national title type of team, there will still be a few too many ifs in the offense, but there’s no reason to not going into the year looking for a trip to the SEC title game.


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2 responses to “Looking ahead

  1. Yeah, that sounds about right for Auburn. This will be one of their “oh, what the hell, we’ll win 10 games” years.


  2. Joe

    Auburn has that 8-4 look again this season…they have nobody at the offensive skill positions…in fact, they sort of remind me UGA ’95 versus Gtu when we had Torin Kirtsey at RB and Labron Mitchell at WR…