Whatever it takes: Feinstein wants a playoff.

Somehow I knew that John Feinstein had a lot more in him about last week’s rejection of a D-1 playoff by the BCS commissioners than a mere commencement address, Plato or no Plato.

Of course he does.

In a few breathless paragraphs he manages to place Delany, Swofford and friends in the rhetorical company of Eight Belles’ handlers, Roger Clemens, baseball’s steroids users and, for good measure, the Bush White House. All in case you aren’t exactly sure where he might be coming from on the topic.

So where is he coming from? Well, if you’re not an enthusiastic playoff proponent, buddy, he’s got news for you – his “meaning” trumps your “meaning”:

… What it boils down to, though, are the 66 BCS presidents and their mouthpiece commissioners who keep insisting the emperor’s new clothes look great, when it is clear that he is buck naked. There are even those in the media who parrot their comments and say things like, “The regular season has meaning in college football.”

Really? If you want meaning, create a 12-team playoff with four byes and home games in the first round. The teams at the top would be fighting for a week off, the next group for a home game, and the last few for a chance to make the field. There would be meaning at the end of that regular season.

The thing is, Feinstein then hedges his bets. Mere words, no matter how persuasively written, evidently won’t do the trick on their own. Action must be taken. First, Congress – yes, those wise people with whom we place so much trust and respect – is urged to act…

This is one time though when Congress should step in and say “enough.” They should threaten to take away tax breaks from BCS schools if they don’t change this system. That would get their attention.

or, if that doesn’t work, then the NCAA should flex its muscles and do the dirty job.

… Of course if the NCAA wasn’t so busy trying to take over summer basketball, it could put an end to this in a heartbeat: All it has to do is say the following: if you want your basketball team to be eligible for the NCAA tournament, you must participate — if invited — in the NCAA division I-A football tournament. The BCS schools will squirm and pontificate and threaten to break away from the NCAA but they won’t. Remember, basketball is the money-maker at far more schools than football, regardless of what you hear from the football apologists.

Feinstein starts the paragraph following this with “The great irony here is the short-sightedness of the BCS buffoons.” Actually, the great irony here is that, after accusing the BCS of being an illegal cartel, he proposes that the NCAA bring it to heel by resorting to action that would violate U. S. anti-trust law.

And as for his assumption that the BCS folks might engage in a bit of teeth gnashing and posturing and then acquiesce in the end, the Platonic scholar might want to brush up on his history. It’s not like the universities haven’t taken on the NCAA over that kind of action before – and won.

Since he opened the door with the political comparisons, I’ll take my cheap shot here and say Feinstein just needs to pitch this to the right politician.  It’s a match made in heaven.


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5 responses to “Whatever it takes: Feinstein wants a playoff.

  1. dean

    How ’bout our government take care of the economy first then, maybe, worry about trivial issues such as D-1A football playoffs. Jeez. We are in the midst of one of the worst recessions in years and our government should put that aside for a playoff.


  2. Hunkering Hank


    What’s the definition of recession?

    Gotta have negative real economic growth (negative real GDP) for two quarters.

    We haven’t had that. So we’re not in a recession. Economy might suck, gas might be expensive, but we ain’t in no recession!


  3. dean

    True Hank. I should’ve said headed for….. but the point is there are more important things going on in this country other than the lack of a D-1 football playoff.


  4. NM

    “Remember, basketball is the money-maker at far more schools than football”

    I could’ve sworn I heard that every (I-A, BCS, something) school makes more from football than basketball except for 3 — I wanna say, Duke, Indiana and either Kansas or Kentucky. No citation though, sorry.


  5. Hank and Dean,

    What you poor souls do not understand is that the two entities, the BCS for college football and our national economy are controlled by the financial bankers, who control our economy. It is part of the same issue, cousins of each other.

    There are fifteen aspects of the BCS monopoly that are run very similar to our national economy and puppet administrators. From Monarchy, Oligarchy and Monopoly to the Bilderberg theme of divide and conquer to constructive confusion. These issues are tied heavily to the Oil and Gas industry and our national government false flag terror ploys. It’s time to WAKE up…this is the same issue at play – the development of a New World Order run by the elites to enslave the world population – http://www.infowars.com