How come nobody told me yesterday was a holiday?

Judging from the headlines, it must have been National Stereotype Day.

Just consider a few of these stories:

  • “Party on, Wayne”. Georgia spends around $2.2 million for a week at the Sugar Bowl, more than $320 thousand over budget. Only about $164 thousand was spent on the players. You can guess where much of the rest was spent. Money (heh) quote from Michael Adams: “It’s a work week for me.” Yeah, sure.
  • They don’t call it the death penalty for nothing. That $2.2 million sure would come in handy at SMU, where the athletic department has racked up a staggering $56.7 million deficit over the past four years and is expected to lose even larger amounts of money in the next two years. This comes decades after receiving the harshest penalties in NCAA history and should make every ‘Bama fan realize something along the lines of “there but for the grace of God…”
  • Jerimy Finch, we hardly knew ye. If this doesn’t reinforce the perception many have of Urban Meyer’s recruiting philosophy, I don’t know what will: Finch was a surprise in the 2007 recruiting class for Urban Meyer, who noticed his name on a Web site as an Indiana commitment. Meyer talked to Finch’s high school coach and decided to offer a scholarship to the free safety. Keep in mind, this from a guy who’s complained about the so-called Saban rule that cuts back on head coaching contact with recruits in the spring. By the way, Finch can’t figure out how to play defense at Florida, broke his leg… and is gone, gone, gone.
  • Harold and Kumar go to Georgia Tech. Joe Hamilton continues the tradition. Somewhere, Ruben Houston is smiling ruefully.


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2 responses to “How come nobody told me yesterday was a holiday?

  1. LadydawgnFl

    Yeah – the MFA worked all week in New Orleans. . . Actually saw the rat on Bourbon Street after the game.

    I think I saw somewhere that Damon is giving the University another 1 million from the athletic department along with a quote from the MFA that he thought this was the best relationship he has had with the athletic department since he’s been at UGA. Of course it is – he gets to enjoy the success and perks of the athletic programs on their dime.


  2. 69Dawg

    No wonder the Zooker is making those wonderful quotes about UF. Well at least he might get this one back.