“I was hoping he’d cut my ear off…”

Saying that Mike Leach marches to the beat of a different drum doesn’t do him justice. You get the feeling that he’d find the choice of instrument too restrictive.

(Trent Barnes/Daily Toreador)


UPDATE: You’d think bloodthirsty pirates would be a little more fearless than this:

… Texas Tech continues its recent tradition of avoiding major teams. The Red Raiders play Eastern Washington, Nevada, SMU and UMass, though at least Nevada is a road game.

(h/t The Wizard of Odds)


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4 responses to ““I was hoping he’d cut my ear off…”

  1. Gary

    Umm. Red Raiders are actually cowboys. Name was taken from cattle raiders in the 1800’s.


  2. Leach co-opted the pirate imagery for TT a while back. I’m just following his lead. 😉


  3. Kit

    I loved that article on Leach. The funny thing is I thought all those pictures with a pirate in the background were photoshopped and it was a part of some inside joke I wasn’t privvy to, but I’m glad to see that I was wrong and the skeleton is, in fact, hanging out behind Leach at all times.

    However, if I’m a recruit, the skeleton pales in comparison to say, I don’t know, the “talent” of the UGA campus.

    Keep your damn pirates. Real football players like girls.


  4. Michael Lewis’ story on Leach is the best thing I’ve ever read on the coach.

    As good as the piece is, though, my favorite part is the correction that appears. I laughed my ass off when I first read it:

    An article on Dec. 4 about Texas Tech Coach Mike Leach misidentified the hand signal used by fans of the University of Texas Longhorns in a sign to suggest their bovinity. It is the index finger and the pinkie, not the thumb and the pinkie.