Gator question of the day…

is not this one

Should safety Jamar Hornsby be dismissed from the Florida Gators football team for using a dead woman’s credit card?

but this one:

Can Emmanuel Moody win the Heisman?

I’ll skip the “anything’s possible” response and move on to Vince’s checklist.

A. A year under his belt to provide the contingent with some name recognition.
B. Victories against Charleston Southern, Troy, and FIU (2009 non-conference opponents)
C A record of 11-1 or better heading into the postseason
D. 1700 yards rushing on the season, averaging about 131 a game including the SEC championship.

Of those, I’d say A is accomplished, B is a lock to happen, C is a decent possibility and D is a pipedream. Last season, the Gators averaged 200 yards on the ground. And that’s a good number – 23rd nationally and 3rd in the SEC. Assuming a similar number this year, does anyone think that Florida is going to give almost 2/3 of its rushing yards to Moody?

Look at it this way: the Gators’ leading rushers in ’07 were Percy Harvin and Tim Tebow, neither of whom averaged 70 yards per game. How many rushing attempts does Meyer take away from these two, assuming they stay healthy, to give to Moody? Keep in mind that Kestahn Moore, who was the closest thing on last year’s roster to a traditional tailback, averaged less than 45 rushing yards per game.

And don’t forget that Meyer has to make room not just for Moody, but also for Chris Rainey.

Barring injuries or a rash of overtime games I don’t see where the carries and the yardage will come from.


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  1. NebraskaDawg

    Stay Classy Gators.


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  3. Thomas Brown

    Florida was 1-4 vs. the Final AP Poll Top 25 last season, Losing to Georgia Bulldogs, LSU, Michigan and Auburn (Only AP Poll Top 25 win – the vols.)

    This while UGA was 3-1 vs. the Final AP Poll Top 25 last season, Beating Florida, beating Auburn and beating Hawaii. (Only AP Poll Top 25 loss – the vols.)

    Giving Tim Tebow, who is a running back clearly, the Heisman Trophy for such performances, is incorrect.

    As for this felony by Jamar Hornsby of using a dead girl’s credit card since last October (for 7 months) racking up $2,800 in charges mostly at the BP Station at the end of the block where he lives in Jacksonville Florida, please do not forget that he already faced charges that same day back October 12th last season for slamming someone into the hood of a car. Those charges, now, come up again too. Deferred prosecution meant he had to keep his nose clean. This thug has not. Urban Meyer has failed yet to come clean on either of these charges, yet.

    Then, late in 4-Loss Season last year, Jamar Hornsby was suspended by Urban Meyer for selling game tickets.


  4. Thomas Brown

    Every 3 days, for 7 months, Jamar Hornsby used the credit card of a dead girl which he found cleaning out the apartment of a teammate who was her boyfriend. 70 times he used the stolen credit card. Free gas at $40 a whack time 70 tanks of gas. $2800.

    The most heralded recruit of’s Number 2 in the nation Florida Gator Recruiting Class (UGA Number 4) 2006, Jamar Hornsby 6’ 4” 195 lbs. with 4.5 speed in the 40 yard dash, he was the only 5-Star Commitment to Urban Meyer. Fresh from Sandalwood High School in Jacksonville, Jamar Hornsby is the Number 3 Safety in the nation and U.S. Army All-America.

    Urban Meyer’s comment ?

    Florida coach Urban Meyer said in a statement that Hornsby “is not part of our program.”

    Excuse me Urban Meyer ?

    He is the most prominent member of your Florida Number 2 in the nation recruiting class you bragged and bragged about. When you got his commitment, it set off a flurry of recruits joining your team Urban Meyer.

    “is not part of our program” Urban Meyer ?

    This is how you hope to make a statement for the thug you bragged and bragged and bragged about recruiting to Florida Urban Meyer.

    You need to come clean on this Urban Meyer, and make a statement for the sake of your own credibility in recruiting Urban Meyer.

    Your Pass Defense was Number 98 in the nation last season Urban Meyer. 98.

    And, now you say only Jamar Hornsby “is not part of our program” Urban Meyer.

    – OG Ronnie Wilson — two felonies and one misdemeanor — gun in a parking lot near campus — suspended indefinitely.

    – RB Brandon James — one felony and one misdemeanor — purchase of a controlled substance and possession of >20 grams of marijuana — suspended indefinitely.

    – S Dorian Munroe — one felony — theft of a police metal parking boot from his car

    – CB Jacques Rickerson — one misdemeanor — possession of marijuana

    – LB Dustin Doe — one misdemeanor — disorderly conduct for parking garage brawl

    – S John Curtis — one misdemeanor — probation violation

    – S Jamar Hornsby — investigation of assault, disorderly conduct

    – Jermaine Cunningham – misdemeanor battery charge sandwich shop

    – Tony Joiner, who before LSU game was arrested and then played in the game broke the boot off his girlfriend’s car in the impound lot at the Police Station and stole the car

    – Lauren Beard, Gators Cheerleader, arrested for False Police Report

    And, now, this.

    What’s next Urban Meyer ?

    In case anyone is wondering, Jamar Hornsby’s Major at the University of Florida is Social and Behavioral Sciences.

    What’s going on down there Urban Meyer ? You Lost Control of your Football Program.


  5. skigator93

    Let’s not start comparing criminal records of the Gators against UGA. Mark Richt may appear to be a saint, but his players surely aren’t. My guess is the UGA rap sheet length doubles that of the Gators. That doesn’t even include the vast number of UGA recruits who can’t qualify academically. For every Gator that makes bail, there is a Dawg that cannot even spell bail.

    The mere fact that Hornsby couldn’t crack the lineup for the 98th ranked pass defense tells us all we need to know about how “big” of a loss this will be for UF.

    It is referred to as a “good riddance.”


  6. carolinadawg


    “My guess is the UGA rap sheet length doubles that of the Gators.”

    Huh? Rather than make a guess, which I find neither creditable nor interesting, why don’t you provide some factual evidence to back up your guess? If you can’t, kindly keep your slanderous opinions concerning our program to yourself.


  7. DirkDawggler


    Son, you’re throwing boulders inside a glass house.


  8. NebraskaDawg

    Skigator, UGA comes nowhere near the infractions of UF. By the way, good job by TB throwing the gators cheerleader under the bus HAHA!


  9. Herk34

    Thomas Brown-
    A couple of Gators I know would hate being left off the street cred list. Maybe you were just including 07 incidents, as I believe these were 2006:

    Jarvis Moss – Failed drug test in summer, later went on to block a last second FG by the Cocks.

    Kenneth Tookes – accidentally fired a gun into an occupied apartment, while receiver Andre Caldwell and cornerbacks Reggie Lewis and Dee Webb stood nearby.


  10. Hey Thomas Brown

    Get a life.