“I know that paying a guy a million a year sounds outrageous.”

Seems to me that if Daniel Borenstein wants to get his inner crank going on coaching salaries, there’s a much more target rich environment to aim at.

… The age of the rock star coordinator is upon us, sometime in the past year, it seems. All they lack, at times, is entourages. Two SEC schools changed coaches in the offseason, but 13 new coordinators were hired. Several of them have agents. Agents!

Why not? Representatives flock to where the money is and coordinators are making more of it. To get Will Muschamp from Auburn, Texas had to negotiate with Bob Lamonte, who represents at least six NFL head coaches and a couple of college coaches, one being Charlie Weis at Notre Dame…

… At least 13 I-A coordinators made $325,000 last season, according to the Austin American-Statesman. Among those were Florida State’s Jimbo Fisher, who had quite a 2007. After seven years at LSU, the career assistant came to FSU as offensive coordinator in January 2007. By December he was named coach-in-waiting to replace Bobby Bowden at a salary that is now $625,000 per season.

The most telling comment of all comes from Tommy Tuberville – basically, most athletic directors are out of their element when it comes to hiring decisions.

“ESPN has a lot to do with that,” Tuberville said. “I was a product of that. When I was at Miami as defensive coordinator, they talked about me. That’s how I got my name in several jobs. The exposure is really going to help you in the eyes of an AD. Most of those guys really don’t know much about coordinators.”

The reason it’s called a free market is because they’re free to be stupid.

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One response to ““I know that paying a guy a million a year sounds outrageous.”

  1. dean

    I don’t have a problem paying a coach/coordinator millions or hundreds of thousands if they’re worth it. However that should be proven and the money should come (or not) as it’s proven. If a coach consistently puts out winners from the classroom and the playing field then pay’em. Besides when you compare most coaches salaries to the revenue generated by the football program it’s a fraction of the sum. I understand this money helps support other athletic programs but still….
    With that said I agree there are some coaches salaries that are borderline ridiculous. And having and agent, to me, is a bit pretentious.