When cultures collide

For once, words fail me.


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8 responses to “When cultures collide

  1. TripleR

    Mon Dieu! If beings dropped in from another planet and wanted a definition for “Tech tweebs”, we could show them this video.

  2. Will

    Holy Lord.

  3. Kit

    I had this travesty forwarded to me about a week ago.

    Thankfully I wasn’t near a loaded gun at the time.

  4. Ally

    Did y’all read the end credits? You can actually book these no-talent clowns for events!!

    Stay in school kids; you’re gonna need that engineering degree.

  5. I don’t know — I actually thought that was kind of funny and really, really well done.

    Thus concludes the one nice thing I will say about anything Tech-related in 2008. Hope y’all enjoyed it.

  6. Not bad, but no where near as good as “B*tch U Ride The MARTA Bus“. And it was made by high schoolers.

  7. baltimore dawg

    Horrifying. God, I wish I hadn’t watched that.

  8. Atlchris

    And the Tech fans actually think this is cool…