No, you don’t have to live like a refugee.

Meet Ryan Perrilloux, pied piper.

Perrilloux also said that he had been in contact with two other high-profile players who were interested in transferring to JSU: UTEP wide receiver Fred Rouse and Clemson running back Ramon “Ray Ray” McElrathbey.

What, no Kenny O’Neal?

(h/t The Wizard of Odds)


UPDATE: No hard feelings, at least not in public.


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9 responses to “No, you don’t have to live like a refugee.

  1. Kit

    It would do Perrilloux well to learn a little bit from Ray Ray.

    It would do Ray Ray well to stay the hell away from Perrilloux.


  2. peacedog

    Give it time. Perrilloux will realize he needs not one but two receivers, and Kenny will get the callup. Great time to be a JSU fan!


  3. GhostofNeyland

    Regardless of all Ray Ray has done for his brother, he’s not a saint, either. Jeez, that JSU team is going to be SCARY good in I-AA.

    Thanks for the shout-out, by the way. Love the blog … Read it often.


  4. He’s the Aaron Murray of the malcontent world. I can see Perrilloux setting up a recruiting station Hedy Hedley Lamar style.

    It’s a shame that Trey Dunmon has already decided on his destination.

    “Qualifications?” “Diving at the ground.” “That’s not much of a crime.” “With a Georgia lineman’s knee in the way?” “Kinky!”


  5. dean

    This sure makes the JSU opener against Tech a lot more interesting.


  6. NM

    Here’s hoping Ray-Ray catches more TDs against Tech than Clemson’s entire team.

    And that Tech still loses both games.


  7. Richt-Flair

    I say great. maybe they can get that WR who’s transferring from UT. They’d have more talent than the Techies come opening day.


  8. shadrach

    JSU should change their name to the Island of Misfit Toys. What a molotov cocktail the upcoming season will be for that coaching staff. O’Neal would be the lighter. Ray Ray should be afraid, very afraid.


  9. Thanks for the shout-out, by the way. Love the blog … Read it often.

    Back at ‘ya, Ghost.