Today’s random bits

Nothing here worth a post in and of itself, but maybe worth a look at least:

  • TSN’s Matt Hayes lists his top five SEC players at each position. I’m a little surprised he doesn’t list a Georgia player at linebacker, but he does have a good line about Moreno: “I watched the Florida and Auburn games again over the last month, and Moreno’s freshman season looks more impressive with each replay.”
  • Will the last team from Conference USA to leave for the Big East turn out the lights, please?
  • The reason traffic is so bad in metro Atlanta? Too many damned college football assistant coaches driving around.
  • Urban Meyer: It’ll be the NCAA’s fault if I offer another kid like Jamar Hornsby.
  • I give the Zooker credit. I can think of several head coaches who would never admit to having had an embarrassing moment. Here’s Zook’s:

    Q. Your most embarrassing moment?
    A. At the Georgia-Florida game in Jacksonville, Fla., on national television, with all the cameras focused on me, I ran across the field to the visitor’s sideline instead of the home team’s sideline.



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5 responses to “Today’s random bits

  1. NebraskaDawg

    If “trimming the twig” is what Tebow does to help people, I’ll pass thanks.


  2. dean

    Meyer actually insinuates that not being able to text message hurts in determining a kids character. How does text messaging tell you anything about character? Well, I guess if your texting a kid 100x’s a day and the kid doesn’t tell you to get a life or go F yourself then he must have character.

    To set the NCAA up as the scape goat for the next thug you have in your program is pathetic. This new rule says head coaches can not participate in the specified evaluation period. However assistants coaches can. Does he not trust his assistants enough to think they can’t judge a kids character?

    Oh and did you catch the statement about his football team having the highest GPA in University of Florida history? Classic Meyer.


  3. scdawg

    Sending out text messages would help. If a kid has too many LOL, LMAO, and OMG’s you know he’s a risk.

    Oh, wait, didn’t Meyer recruit Hornsby BEFORE the text ban?


  4. Richt-Flair

    Wasn’t the spring evaluation period originally designed so assistant coaches could go to these high schools, watch practices, look at tape and talk to the high school coaches? And head coaches weren’t allowed to do more than say hi? How can you evaluate character by saying hi?


  5. JasonC

    FWIW, I was at a metro ATL high school the other day when an assistant coach from Jax St. was visiting spring practice. Before practice, he was talking with one of the high school coaches to get a feel for about 3 players. Character was one of the main topics of conversation and the HS coach was definitely lauding one of the 3 players that he felt had skills, potential and manners.
    Maybe that will offset Perilloux.